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Project X Zone 2 (プロジェクト クロスゾーン2:ブレイブニューワールド Purojekuto Kurosu Zōn 2: Bureibu Nyū Wārudo; lit. Project X Zone 2: Brave New World) is a tactical role-playing game for the Nintendo 3DS developed by Banpresto and Monolith Soft and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. A crossover game featuring characters from Sega, Capcom, and Bandai Namco, it is the sequel to Project X Zone, which itself was a follow-up to the Japan-exclusive PlayStation 2 game Namco ✕ Capcom.

The game was released in Japan on November 12, 2015; Korea on December 10, 2015; Europe on February 12, 2016; and North America on February 16, 2016.[1]

The Ace Attorney series is represented in the game by Phoenix Wright and Maya Fey, who feature in the game as a solo unit that can be assigned to pair units in order to assist with an attack. However, unlike most solo units, Wright and Fey also work as a pair themselves. The Steel Samurai and Pink Princess also make a minor appearance as characters that Wright and Fey can summon.[2] Miles Edgeworth also makes a cameo appearance as a non-playable character.[3] The speech bubbles and voice acting associated with these characters are in Japanese, even in non-Japanese versions of the game.


Project X Zone 2

The playable characters in Project X Zone 2.

Within the context of the Project X Zone universe, the magatama has more than just the power to let the user see and break Psyche-Locks; this is seen when Morrigan Aensland pours her powers into it and Maya Fey wishes upon it for Wright's "Objection!" to be a lethal attack, thereby allowing for the pair to fight on an equal footing with the other characters in the game.

Playable charactersEdit

Pair unitsEdit

Character Series Company Voice actor
Chris Redfield & Jill Valentine[4][5] Resident Evil Capcom Hiroki Tōchi & Atsuko Yuya, respectively[5]
Dante & Vergil[4][5] Devil May Cry Capcom Toshiyuki Morikawa & Hiroaki Hirata, respectively[5]
X & Zero[4][5] Mega Man X Capcom Takahiro Sakurai & Ryōtarō Okiayu, respectively[5]
Strider Hiryu & Hotsuma[4][5] Strider & Shinobi, respectively Capcom & Sega, respectively Kōsuke Toriumi & Daisuke Kishio, respectively[5]
Akira Yuki & Kage-Maru[4][5] Virtua Fighter Sega Shin-ichiro Miki & Takenobu Mitsuyoshi, respectively[5]
Erica Fontaine & Ichiro Ogami[4][5] Sakura Wars Sega Noriko Hidaka & Akio Suyama, respectively[5]
Gemini Sunrise & Sakura Shinguji[5][6] Sakura Wars Sega Sanae Kobayashi & Chisa Yokoyama, respectively[5]
Kazuma Kiryu & Goro Majima[4][5] Yakuza Sega Takaya Kuroda & Hidenari Ugaki, respectively[5]
Kazuya Mishima & Jin Kazama[4][5] Tekken Bandai Namco Masanori Shinohara & Isshin Chiba, respectively[5]
Kite & Haseo[4][5] .hack Bandai Namco Sayaka Aida & Takahiro Sakurai, respectively[5]
Yuri Lowell & Flynn Scifo[4][5] Tales Bandai Namco Kōsuke Toriumi & Mamoru Miyano, respectively[5]
Ryu & Ken Masters[5][7] Street Fighter Capcom Hiroki Takahashi & Yūji Kishi, respectively[5]
Ciel Alencon & Nana Kouzuki[5][6][7] God Eater Bandai Namco Mamiko Noto & Emiri Katō, respectively[5]
Fiora & KOS-MOS[5][8] Xenoblade Chronicles & Xenosaga, respectively Nintendo & Bandai Namco, respectively Eri Nakao & Mariko Suzuki, respectively[5]
Chrom & Lucina[5][8] Fire Emblem Nintendo Tomokazu Sugita & Yū Kobayashi, respectively[5]
Demitri Maximoff & Morrigan Aensland[5] Darkstalkers Capcom Nobuyuki Hiyama & Rie Tanaka, respectively[5]
Chun-Li & Ling Xiaoyu[5] Street Fighter & Tekken, respectively Capcom & Bandai Namco, respectively Fumiko Orikasa & Maaya Sakamoto, respectively[5]
Reiji Arisu & Xiaomu[5] Namco × Capcom Bandai Namco Kazuhiko Inoue & Omi Minami, respectively[5]
Zephyr & Vashyron[5] Resonance of Fate Sega Hiro Shimono & Ken Narita, respectively[5]

Solo unitsEdit

Character Series Company Voice actor
Leon S. Kennedy[4][5] Resident Evil Capcom Toshiyuki Morikawa[5]
Phoenix Wright & Maya Fey[5][6][7] Ace Attorney Capcom Takayuki Kondō & Satomi Hanamura, respectively[5]
Natsu[4][5] Soul Bandai Namco Fuyuka Ōura[5]
Aty[5][6][7] Summon Night Bandai Namco Ayako Kawasumi[5]
Axel Stone[5][6][7] Streets of Rage Sega Tomokazu Sugita[5]
Captain Commando[5][9] Captain Commando Capcom Ryōtarō Okiayu[5]
June Lin Milliam[5][9] Star Gladiator Capcom Yukari Tamura[5]
Felicia[5] Darkstalkers Capcom Kana Asumi[5]
Heihachi Mishima[5][9] Tekken Bandai Namco Unshō Ishizuka[5]
Valkyrie[5] Valkyrie Bandai Namco Kikuko Inoue[5]
Alisa Ilinichina Amiella[5] God Eater Bandai Namco Maaya Sakamoto[5]
Hibana[5] Shinobi Sega Atsuko Tanaka[5]
Segata Sanshiro[5][9] N/A (Sega corporate mascot) Sega Hiroshi Fujioka[5]
Ulala[5] Space Channel 5 Sega Herself[5]
Pai Chan[5] Virtua Fighter Sega Minami Takayama[5]
Leanne[5] Resonance of Fate Sega Aya Endō[5]
Ingrid[10] Street Fighter Capcom
Ryo Hazuki[10] Shenmue Sega
Estellise Sidos Heurassein[10] Tales Bandai Namco

Non-playable rival unitsEdit

Character Series Company Voice actor
Solo[11] Strider Capcom Hideo Watanabe[citation needed]
Ustanak[12] Resident Evil Capcom
Skeith[13] .hack Bandai Namco
Dural[11] Virtua Fighter Sega
Robot Axel[14] Streets of Rage Sega Tomokazu Sugita
Sheath[5][15] N/A (original character) Bandai Namco Kotono Mitsuishi[5]
Nemesis-T Type Resident Evil Capcom Yoichi Nishijima[citation needed]
Vile MK-II Mega Man X Capcom Hiroshi Shimozaki
Sigma Mega Man X Capcom Mugihito[citation needed]
Juri Han[2] Street Fighter Capcom Eri Kitamura[citation needed]
M. Bison Street Fighter Capcom Norio Wakamoto[citation needed]
Baby Bonnie Hood[5] Darkstalkers Capcom Miyuki Matsushita[5]
Lord Raptor Darkstalkers Capcom Yuji Ueda
Pyron Darkstalkers Capcom Nobuyuki Hiyama
Druk[16] Captain Commando Capcom Hitoshi Bifu
Shtorm Jr.[16] Captain Commando Capcom Hitoshi Bifu
Shtorm Captain Commando Capcom Hitoshi Bifu
Black Hayato[17] Star Gladiator Capcom Toshiyuki Morikawa[citation needed]
Tri-Edge[5] .hack Bandai Namco Sayaka Aida[5]
Saya[5][18] Namco × Capcom Bandai Namco Ai Orikasa[5]
Dokugozu[18] Namco × Capcom Bandai Namco Yoichi Nishijima[citation needed]
Dokumezu[18] Namco × Capcom Bandai Namco Tōru Nara[citation needed]
Zagi[5] Tales Bandai Namco Akio Suyama[5]
Shadow[5] Space Channel 5 Sega Shō Hayami[5]
Dokurobo[17] Sakura Wars Sega Daisuke Egawa[citation needed]
Metal Face Xenoblade Chronicles Nintendo Norio Wakamoto


Ace Attorney fighting styleEdit

Project X Zone 2 logo

The game's logo.

As a joint solo unit, Wright and Fey can be called to assist the primary fighter by pressing the "R" button during a battle. When called into battle, Wright appears on the right of the screen with the primary fighters, while Fey appears on the left. Fey summons a Psyche-Lock, which breaks any barrier that the enemy may have. Wright then throws documents at the enemy, while Fey throws confetti at them at the same time. After this, she runs towards Wright while performing spinning arm punches.

During Fey's assault, the Steel Samurai and Pink Princess appear. The Steel Samurai performs a few attacks, and then he and the Pink Princess both pierce the enemy from both sides using their weapons. When Fey reaches Wright, he yells, "Matta!" (Hold it!) at the enemy, with the ensuing speech bubble knocking the enemy back. Wright and Fey then both simultaneously point at the enemy and shout out "Igiari!" (Objection!), damaging said enemy.

Ace Attorney referencesEdit

There are several references to characters and events within the Ace Attorney series:

  • When Ken Masters asks Wright if he's interested in a position in his company's German office, Wright replies, "And leave America to face HER again? That whip hurts."
  • Fey expresses her surprise upon meeting the ninjas Strider Hiryu and Hotsuma by asking them where their "red guitars" are.
  • When Morrigan Aensland charges Fey's magatama with her powers, Wright recalls the time when "Maya's cousin Pearl" did the same thing.
  • Fey is told she has room for growth by Vashyron, who responds that he should see her while she's "channelling [her] sister".
  • Reiji Arisu, Xiaomu, and Fey recreate the Steel Samurai scene seen in the opening of Turnabout Samurai.
  • Chris Redfield notes that if Wright is an accurate representation of lawyers, then it's a miracle the courts have avoided catastrophes and injuries. Wright notes that they haven't exactly avoided them.
  • At one point, Wright states, "Huh. Maybe all that forensics Ema taught me will come in handy here..."
  • Wright's pre-battle conversation with Yuri Lowell has the latter say, "You gotta learn to keep cool under pressure. That's the mark of a great swordsman.", only for Wright to then retort, "Hey, come up with your own material!", as Lowell's line is a paraphrase of one of Wright's victory quotes in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Incidentally, Lowell is voiced by Kōsuke Toriumi, who voiced Wright in the Japanese version of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.
  • A number of villainous characters undergo Ace Attorney-style breakdown animations.
  • Chapter 31: "Turnabout Dance", which features more Ace Attorney references than any other chapter in Project X Zone 2, has the following:
  • In Wright's final appearance in the epilogue of Final Chapter: Arisu in Destinyland, he wonders why he is in the 3-vs-3 showdown at the party, to which other characters chip in with comments. Wright reacts after each with an increasing number of disgruntled utterances, before deciding to respond to everyone in his usual way. This is directly taken from the traditional way that Ace Attorney games lead into their credits. Wright even references the similarity of the situation internally, commenting on how atypical the current variation is.


The Crosspedia entry for Miles Edgeworth states, "[...] when Phoenix was framed for kidnapping Maya, Miles provided his full cooperation toward solving the case and saving them both." This is incorrect, as Wright was never framed for kidnapping Fey, rather he was forced to defend a client after she was kidnapped (see: Farewell, My Turnabout).



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