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1F Hallway
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People to meet Phoenix Wright
Aristotle Means
Hugh O’Conner
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Outdoor Stage
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Art room

The 1st floor hallway of Themis Legal Academy.

Courte's murder[]

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During the 67th school festival in 2027, the hallway was covered with decorations, banners, and signs. Outside a waiting room, a banner advertised the mock trial between top students Robin Newman and Hugh O'Conner, while other nearby signs advertised places to get food, such as Justitia's Diner, Prose Cute and Classy Café, Guilty Dogs, and Culpable Curry. Also advertised were an art exhibit and the Gavinners concert featuring judge course student Juniper Woods.

The first floor hallway was naturally the first place that Athena Cykes saw upon entering the school, and was where she met Woods, Aristotle Means, and Phoenix Wright. Although Wright had been invited to watch the mock trial, he let Apollo Justice take his place while he and Cykes waited for Constance Courte in the hallway. Eventually, the pair heard a loud crash from the outdoor stage. Upon arriving at the stage, they were shocked to discover the dead body of Courte.

Woods was indicted for murdering Courte, and Cykes took her case to court. During the trial, Prosecutor Simon Blackquill compelled O'Conner to testify against Woods using secret information that he had on him. Cykes almost lost the trial due to decisive evidence placing both Woods and Courte in the art room at the time of the crime. However, Newman and O'Conner came up to the stand, each confessing to the murder, while Woods did the same. This forced the trial to adjourn.

Cykes later talked with O'Conner in the hallway about the trial. He refused to give her any information, but pointed out that the confessions proved that none of the three were the real killer. He also said that he no longer cared about Woods, and was willing to testify even if it incriminated her further. When the trial resumed, the information that Blackquill had on him was revealed: he was really 25 years old. Later, he concocted a story implicating himself as the killer in an attempt to get Woods acquitted, contrary to what he had told Cykes in the hallway. It eventually turned out that Means was the killer, and Woods was acquitted.


  • The hallway contains a poster advertising "Guilty Dogs" with a picture of a hot dog. This is a reference to Turnabout Reminiscence, where 13 year-old Franziska von Karma, unimpressed by the slogan of the hot dogs sold from a vending machine in the District Court ("When you're in hot water, you might need a hot dog" - Winston Payne entry in a public contest to chose a slogan), came up with the arguably equally poor replacement: "If you leave matters in a Von Karma's hands, everyone in court will be found guilty dogs!"