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District Court 3rd Floor Lobby
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3rd Floor Lobby
People to meet Manfred von Karma
Franziska von Karma
Dick Gumshoe
Tyrell Badd
Kay Faraday
Eddie Fender
Regina Berry
Simon Keyes
Verity Gavèlle
Available evidence Swiss Roll
Linked locations Hallway (District Court)
Courtroom No. 3
Locations in District Court
Partial map:
3rd Floor LobbyCourtroom No. 3Defendant Lobby No. 2Defendant Lobby No. 1Hallway (District Court)Courtyard (District Court)Courtyard (District Court)RestroomCourthouse
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The 3rd floor lobby of the District Court was one of the rooms visited by Miles Edgeworth during his investigation into the murders of Byrne Faraday and Mack Rell.

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