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Not to be confused with the "Pursuit" musical themes, which are sometimes referred to as "Cornered" themes.

"A Cornered Heart" is a music track from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice that is played during trials. It is a dark, brooding track which plays during dramatic moments.


"A Cornered Heart" is normally saved for times when a protagonist is faced with an especially hopeless situation, such as when Trucy Wright and Maya Fey's trials are about to end in a conviction in The Magical Turnabout and The Rite of Turnabout respectively, or when Phoenix Wright falls into despair over Fey's kidnapping in Turnabout Revolution. The one exception occurs in The Foreign Turnabout, when the track plays as Ahlbi Ur'gaid announces his decision to believe in Phoenix as his lawyer and tell the truth about the murder he is accused of, thereby saving them both from a conviction under the Defense Culpability Act.