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The Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth manga is a four volume manga series based on the Ace Attorney spin-off game Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth, and expands on the adventures of Miles Edgeworth and Detective Dick Gumshoe. It was published in Japan by Young Magazine on June 5, 2009, a week after the game was released in Japan. The US release began on July 31, 2012.

Volume 1[]

Volume 1.

Chapter 1: The Turnabout Costume[]

Main article: The Turnabout Costume

When Miles Edgeworth accidentally enters the National Masquerade Society Party at the Gatewater Hotel while looking for a tea sampling event, he soon finds himself investigating a murder.

Chapters 2-4: The Turnabout Last Number[]

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A murder occurs during the final live concert of a famous rock band called "Bird Wing", and it is up to Edgeworth and Detective Gumshoe to solve it.

Volume 2[]

Volume 2.

Chapters 5-8: The Turnabout Bullet[]

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A police officer pursues an armed jewellery store robber who has a hostage. The chase ends in the criminal being shot dead and the police officer being badly wounded after being shot himself. Although the thief is dead, there is one mystery remaining that Miles Edgeworth wishes to solve: what happened to the stolen jewels?

Chapters 9-13: The Turnabout Museum[]

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While Miles Edgeworth escorts an art expert to inspect a valuable painting, Detective Gumshoe is asked to assist with its protection by the director of the museum where the painting is on display. The director is afraid that the notorious group known as the "Handsome Gentlemen Thieves" may be after the painting, and his fears seem to come true when the valuable work of art is indeed stolen. However, the murder of a security guard during the theft is unlike the criminal groups' previous thefts. Is someone else responsible? Or are the Handsome Gentlemen Thieves not as gentlemanly as they seem?

Volume 3[]

Volume 3.

Chapters 14-15: The Turnabout New Year[]

Main article: The Turnabout New Year

The president of the ailing Toy-be company is found dead in his office, along with a new-year's postcard saying that he has been cursed by his deceased father. Was it a curse? Suicide? Or murder? With the help of Gumshoe and an on-vacation Ema Skye, Edgeworth investigates to find the truth.

Chapters 16-19: The Turnabout Silver Screen[]

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When one of the stars of an upcoming movie finds herself stalked by an unknown individual, Deputy Police Chief Chase Clink assigns Detective Gumshoe as her bodyguard. Unfortunately, despite his best efforts, she is found dead in her hotel room. Edgeworth must deal with a distraught Gumshoe and the press questioning the outcome of one of his previous trials in order to solve the case.

Volume 4[]

Volume 4.

Chapters 20-23: Turnabout! The Secret of the Ogres []

Main article: Turnabout! The Secret of the Ogres

Edgeworth and Gumshoe find themselves staying at the Ogre's Axe Hotel after their car breaks down in the middle of the mountains. However, they have little chance to relax when the owner is found dead and an ogre is blamed.

Chapters 24-25: The Turnabout Clinic[]

Main article: The Turnabout Clinic

Edgeworth and Gumshoe, both suffering from a cold, visit the Jiffy Clinic, which they hear can cure any ailment. Upon arriving, however, they discover that the clinic's reputation is in tatters due to the actions of one man. When that same man is found dead after apparently committing suicide in the clinic, both patients and staff are overjoyed. With so many potential suspects, was the death actually suicide?