Some negligence from the game developers of the passage of time in the Ace Attorney series has produced several inconsistencies in age and birthday reckoning in court record and organizer profiles. These phenomena include similar birthday ranges for major characters as well as age reports that outright contradict each other.

Blatant contradictionsEdit


The main reason for these contradictions is that the game developers did not consider birthdays when putting down the ages of the characters. Instead, they treated the non-flashback cases of each game as constituting a specific "year", and characters did not age during that "year". This mindset would cause problems when the games began to straddle the new year.


To resolve these issues, this article proposes that editors conform to the attitudes of the developers. However, ages listed in court records will be treated as ages that the characters will reach by the end of the "year" of the game. One could think of it as a school-year type of arrangement.

For example, if we take Miles Edgeworth's birthday to be in November of 1992, he would be going on 24 in Turnabout Sisters. In Turnabout Goodbyes, he would be actually 24, and in Rise from the Ashes, he is still listed as 24 (and is actually 24), even though he would turn 25 in 2017, because RftA is in the "year" of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.


Characters with ages listed only in Rise from the Ashes, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice For All and Phoenix Wright's cases in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations will have two possible years of birth that correspond to the "years" in those games. This would apply to almost all characters to which this applies for the sake of consistency. For example, Moe is 46 in JFA (2017-2018), so his year of birth is listed as "1971-1972". Characters with ages listed in "flashback" cases and the other two games do not suffer from this phenomenon because Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney and the four original episodes in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney do not straddle the new year.

One could simply say that these "years" begin sometime between Mar. 23 and June 16, but this causes problems with Edgeworth's age issue.

Special casesEdit


One solution to Edgeworth's problem would be to say that Edgeworth wasn't quite 20 when he first prosecuted, but he would turn 20 during 2012 or the beginning of 2013.

Phoenix and PayneEdit

Judging by the profile age issues, the developers probably meant for Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney to take place in 2025, seven years after Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations in 2018. However, they made the mistake of setting the flashback case of Turnabout Succession to Apr. 19, 2019, and then setting Turnabout Trump to Apr. 20, seven years later, which would place the year of Turnabout Trump at 2026.

One solution would be to overlook the blunder and take Phoenix's age as 34 and Winston Payne's age as 62 in AJ. The main reason to go with this solution is that Edgeworth's court record profiles in Bridge to the Turnabout explicitly show that Larry is a year younger than Phoenix. This also avoids the stretch that one would have to make to claim that Phoenix, whose birthday would not be for at least nine months under the former solution, is going on 21.


Ema Skye suffers from the same issue that Phoenix does, except she doesn't suffer from blatant contradictions. Her year of birth could simply be taken as 2001 to account for both ages (as she is 16 in 2017 and 25 in 2026).


Franziska von Karma is specifically said to be the same age as Maya Fey.