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This page outlines how to name in-universe content pages. It primarily concerns naming places within the Ace Attorney universe, and titling the information boxes that these pages have. However, it can also apply to objects and gameplay mechanics. Places can often have multiple names and capitalization conventions under different contexts, and these usages should be kept in mind when naming these pages.

The four contextsEdit

There are four main contexts under which places and objects can be referred to.

  • The introduction of a location uses a text box containing three lines: the top for the date and possibly time, the middle for the name of the general area, and the bottom for the name of the specific location within the area. Every word is always capitalized.
  • The "Move" menu / MASON System in the main series and the touchscreen maps in the Gyakuten Kenji games use the names of specific locations, again always capitalized. The names used are the same as the ones used at the bottom of location introductions.
  • The court record / organizer and messages that signal the addition of an item to the court record or organizer. These messages are usually along the lines of "[Item] added to the Court Record" or "[Item] jotted down in my Organizer". Names of pieces of evidence are always capitalized in the court record / organizer, and the terms "court record" and "organizer" themselves are capitalized in buttons and the aforementioned messages.
  • The dialogue includes everything in the game script displayed through text boxes, other than the aforementioned contexts.

Title conventionEdit

The titles of articles should be based off of the dialogue, mimicking the in-game references to the subject even in capitalization. The other three contexts are not helpful here because they always capitalize terms even when they perhaps should not be capitalized. The general rule here is that a location name should be treated as a common noun (thus not capitalized) unless it is consistently capitalized in the dialogue. In specific terms:

  • If it ever appears in lowercase in dialogue from any of the localized games, then it should be lowercase.
  • If it always appears capitalized in localized dialogue, then it should be capitalized.
  • If it does not appear at all in localized dialogue, then it should be lowercase.
    • Logic Chess is exempt from this due to being purely a gameplay term.
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