Blocking is the method by which administrators may prevent users from editing the Ace Attorney wiki. Blocks are used to prevent damage or disruption to the wiki.

Any user may request a block at User talk:Capefeather.

When blocking is usedEdit

  • making personal attacks;
  • making threats;
  • performing actions that place users in danger;
  • disclosing personal information (whether or not the information is accurate);
  • vandalism;
  • incivility;
  • harassment;
  • spamming;
  • creating sock puppet accounts, especially for the purposes of avoiding previous blocks;
  • accounts with inappropriate usernames;
  • bots operating without approval or outside their approval;

Duration of blocksEdit

The purpose of blocking is prevention, not punishment. The duration of blocks should thus be related to the likelihood of a user repeating inappropriate behavior. Longer blocks for repeated and high levels of disruption is to reduce administrative burden; it is under presumption that such users are likely to cause frequent disruption or harm in future. Administrators should consider:

  • the severity of the behavior;
  • whether the user has engaged in that behavior before.

Blocks can last from a very short period of time to an infinite amount of time.

Common Sense PolicyEdit

Blocking policies may be "bent" by administrators; common sense can often be better than bureaucracy. Admins should not be deterred from taking action against those clearly out to sabotage the project, even if they somehow manage to wriggle around the policies.

Individual admin blocking policiesEdit

Specific blocking policies for individual admins are detailed below. If you have a criticism, by all means give a shout at the admin's talk page.


I'm not really inclined to block anyone at all. However, I have recently seen the need for a blocking policy, so here it is.

If you make an edit I consider entirely disruptive, I'll suggest against it on your talk page. If you make repeated disruptive edits of a similar nature, that is when I give a warning. I will also give only one warning. After that, you'll be blocked if you do it again. Honestly, I can't contact you anywhere other than on your talk page. I expect you to heed those messages that tell you that someone's edited your talk page.

If you find that your edits are being tweaked, don't worry about it. I do that all the time. If your edits are being reverted entirely, then maybe you should worry. :)


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