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Acro's Room
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Acro's Room
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Available evidence Money the Monkey
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Maya Fey
Hehe... It's a monkey calendar!
Phoenix Wright
Whoever's in this room must really love monkeys.
Maya Fey
Maybe a little too much...

Acro's Room is on the third floor of the Berry Big Circus lodging house and home to both the former acrobat Acro and a monkey called Money. Money is somewhat of a kleptomaniac, stealing various shiny objects from around the circus and bringing them back to the room. Among Money's victims was Phoenix Wright, whose attorney's badge was stolen by the monkey during Wright's investigation into the murder of the ringmaster Russell Berry. Moe the clown brought Wright to Acro's room so that the lawyer could search for his missing badge.

Acro's room was rather spartan in comparison to Moe's room. The most notable landmark was Money's pile of shiny objects on a sofa. Money's treasure trove included: a tuba, a motorcycle exhaust, a metal pole, a fork, a mirror, a cheap-looking wristwatch (later revealed to belong to Detective Dick Gumshoe), a trophy, a sparkly costume belonging to Regina Berry, a photograph of Regina, a ring from "Trilo" to Regina, a bust of Max Galactica and Wright's badge.

Beside this pile of loot was a tire on a chain that Money uses as a swing. There was also a basketball net on the wall that Maya Fey thought had been ripped by Money, although Wright thought it looked fine.

Acro's bed sat against the adjacent wall. The bed was noted by Wright to be incredibly well made, almost as if a maid had made it up, and on top of the bed was perfectly folded laundry. This service was later discovered to be provided by Regina. Beside Acro's bed were various pieces of training equipment made for upper body training, including a new model of barbell. Wright pointed out that these were the kind of things he saw on shopping channels a lot. Above Acro's bed was a monkey calendar.

Opposite the bed was a window that overlooked the Big Top and from which the lodging house plaza could be seen below. Despite the brightness of the safety lights in the plaza sometimes making it hard to sleep, Acro apparently never thought of buying curtains. It was from this window that Acro unintentionally murdered Russell Berry using a bust of Galactica.