Adam Redifast
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Adam Redifast was an English apprentice milliner during Ryūnosuke Naruhodō's time in London. He was a witness to the murder of Mortar Milverton.

Witness to murderEdit

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Adam Redifast was a young man who makes hats for men. He was riding on Beppo's omnibus one night, he was sitting on the top next to a banker named Oscar Fairplay. Suddenly, he heard a scream from the inside. He looked down to see the corpse of a bricklayer named Mortar Milverton next to a young girl named Gina Lestrade who had her hands bloody. They couldn't see any faces but Redifast screamed and went to get the police with Fairplay.

During the trial where Cosney Megundal was the defendant for the murder. When Ryūnosuke Naruhodō suggests that Milverton went through the skylight, both Redifast and Fairplay take the stand saying neither of them are the culprit. Redifast said the skylight couldn't be opened but Lestrade revealed that it could. A bloodstain was found near the skylight making the two men look even more guilty. Since there was no evidence that the bloodstain wasn't there at the time of the murder, Cosney Megundal received a not guilty verdict.


During the first trial of Sōseki Natsume, when Oscar Fairplay, Juror No. 1, reveals that he questioned by the police and all his doubts have been cleared, Susato Mikotoba wonders what happened to Adam Redifast. Eventually, Cosney Megundal was revealed to be the true culprit for Milverton's murder after all.


  • His name might be a play on "Ready fast".
  • His last name can also be read as "Ladyfirst", a play on the saying "ladies first".