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Phoenix Wright
Then... That means her super-confident attitude...
Miles Edgeworth
It's all a façade. She's only copying her mentor's behavior to hold herself together.

Adrian Andrews is a business manager who managed the actor Matt Engarde until she testified against him in his trial for the murder of his rival, Juan Corrida. Later, she became the director in charge of the Kurain Village exhibit at Lordly Tailor.

Death of a mentor[]

Andrews entered the entertainment business and met Celeste Inpax. The two shared a strong bond as mentor and student. Inpax was to get married, but her fiancé, Juan Corrida, called it off. It turned out that he had done so after his rival, Matt Engarde, revealed to the groom-to-be that he had previously been in a relationship with Inpax. Betrayed and heartbroken, Inpax subsequently committed suicide. After the body was discovered, a grief-stricken Andrews attempted to kill herself as well. Failing to do so, she attended counseling sessions for some time. She later became Engarde's manager, biding her time for an opportunity for revenge to present itself.

As Engarde's manager[]

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Interfering with a crime scene[]

Rumors circulated that Inpax had left behind a suicide note, and it was believed that Corrida had retrieved the note and hidden it. Andrews began contacting Corrida, and eventually got into a personal relationship with him in order to draw closer to obtain the note. He, in turn, took advantage of the situation in an attempt to destroy Engarde's image, by leaking to the tabloid media that Engarde's manager was in a relationship with his rival. Corrida planned to use Celeste's suicide note to destroy Engarde's reputation in a press conference that he was going to hold, after the Hero of Heroes Grand Prix at the Gatewater Imperial Hotel, while pretending to be Engarde in the costume of Engarde's starring role at the time, the Nickel Samurai. However, Andrews secretly planned to burn the note to preserve Inpax's dignity.

Discovering Juan Corrida's corpse.

After Engarde's Nickel Samurai beat Corrida's Jammin' Ninja in the Grand Prix, Andrews and Engarde ate a meal together in his hotel room. Engarde then had a nap to prepare for the post-ceremony stage show, while Andrews took the opportunity to visit Corrida and prepare for Corrida's concocted press conference. After crossing the hallway to Corrida's hotel room, she found him sitting in a chair in his Jammin' Ninja costume. After pouring a glass of tomato juice for him, she suddenly realized that he was dead, breaking a vase in her shock.

Changing into Engarde's Nickel Samurai costume.

After the shock wore off, Andrews decided to tamper with the crime scene to implicate Engarde as the killer. She did this by stabbing the body with a knife that Engarde had used to eat, and ripping off a button from the Jammin' Ninja costume to plant on the Nickel Samurai costume. She then put on the Nickel Samurai costume that was hidden in Corrida's guitar case and returned to Engarde's room to incriminate her client further and to disguise herself. Before she left, she absentmindedly picked up a white card with a pink conch on it.

Corrida's murder trial[]

Andrews met with the prosecution, intending to testify against Engarde in court. The intended prosecutor for the case, Franziska von Karma, instructed her not to admit to what she had done. However, von Karma could not make it to court, and Engarde's defense attorney, Phoenix Wright, found all of the holes in Andrews's testimony and moved to implicate her as the killer. The acting prosecutor, Miles Edgeworth, told Andrews that she would have to admit to falsifying evidence. Due to the emotional dependence she had developed with von Karma, Edgeworth resorted to torturing Andrews by revealing her emotional problems to the courtroom, in order to get her to talk.

Playing with de Killer's calling card.

After the trial had ended for the day, Edgeworth spotted the card that Andrews had found, which she had been absentmindedly playing with while deep in thought, and demanded that she give it to him. Edgeworth immediately recognized it as the calling card of the infamous assassin Shelly de Killer, exposing the assassin's involvement in the crime and giving Wright and Edgeworth an important piece of evidence.

Phoenix Wright, accompanied by Pearl Fey, later interrogated Andrews and found out about her past with Inpax. Andrews revealed that she held a deep-seated resentment towards both Matt Engarde and Juan Corrida for using her mentor as a weapon in their hateful, obsessive rivalry, even after her suicide. She eventually told Wright that this was what led to her seeking revenge, calling the men a pair of "hideous monsters".

The next day, Wright and Edgeworth worked together to take Engarde down with a guilty verdict. It also turned out that Corrida wasn't without blame, either, as he had, in fact, forged Inpax's supposed suicide note to use against his rival. These efforts inspired Andrews to leave her dependent nature and her past behind and become her own person. She would come to leave the entertainment industry.

A new life[]

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Breaking the Sacred Urn.

Seven months later, Andrews arranged the "Treasures of Kurain" exhibition at Lordly Tailor as a way to thank Phoenix Wright and the Feys for what they had done for her. Along with being in charge of the security for the event, she hired the so-called "Ace Detective", Luke Atmey, to guard the Sacred Urn of Ami Fey in particular, because the notorious thief Mask☆DeMasque had threatened to steal it and Atmey seemed to be an expert on him. Because the Urn was worth almost nothing monetarily, Andrews polished it thoroughly to make it look more expensive. However, as she was carrying the Urn back to its place, she dropped and broke it. She repaired the Urn afterward, but not before dropping the pieces into a puddle of bright pink paint. Nonetheless, she managed to repair the Urn again with only a few paint marks on it, and she left the Urn under Atmey's care. The Urn was later found to be stolen.

Hearing about the theft, Pearl Fey, who was from Kurain Village, came to the exhibition with Phoenix Wright and Pearl's cousin Maya Fey (Andrews having not met Maya previously due to the latter's kidnapping during the Corrida murder case). Andrews thanked Wright and Pearl for their help during the Corrida murder case. When Luke Atmey was determined to be the thief who had stolen the Sacred Urn, Andrews blamed herself for allowing him access to it. Nonetheless, her accident with the Urn became useful later in proving what Atmey had really done.

Andrews later befriended Franziska von Karma, who taught her to use a whip.


In early 2018.

In late 2018.

Prior to and during Juan Corrida's murder case, Andrews was calm and collected, but she was also emotionally unstable and had a tendency to be strongly attached to other people emotionally. Due to these problems, Andrews became emotionally dependent on her mentor Celeste Inpax. This led to her depressive episodes after Inpax's death. Following this, Andrews developed a cold, smug, strong-willed demeanor, trying to imitate Inpax to cope with her death. Her dedication to avenging her mentor fueled her cunning attempts to obtain Inpax's suicide note and frame Engarde for Corrida's murder. During the investigation of Corrida's murder, Andrews quickly developed another unhealthy emotional attachment to prosecutor Franziska von Karma.

During her appearance in court, whenever her testimony was shown to have a flaw, the lenses in her glasses would shatter and she would put on a new pair. She did this seven times while testifying against Engarde.

After Matt Engarde's trial, Andrews was inspired to leave her dependent nature behind. She is now much more cheerful and relaxed, albeit somewhat self-conscious. She still seems to have slight traces of her self-loathing remaining, as can be seen when talking to her after the urn was stolen.


Andrews has blonde hair with a fringe and brown eyes. In her debut, Andrews was shown wearing a sleeveless dark blue shirt, light blue pants, a belt, yellow heels and black glasses. Her hair also used to be long and straight. In Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations, she wore a black shirt, matching pants and has her hair tied up to a bun.


Her name is androgynous in almost all language versions of the game (e.g., "Adrian Andrews" in English and "Kamiya Kirio" (華宮 霧緒) in Japanese) so that, on paper, the name could be seen as either masculine or feminine, with the usual assumption being masculine. This was done intentionally so that Shelly de Killer could mistake her for a man on the basis of her name alone. The only exception is Chinese, which uses the same glyphs as Japanese[Needs clarification] and in French, "Andréa" being a common female name.


  • In past English versions of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice for All, the term "co-dependency" was incorrectly used to describe Andrews's emotional issues. To be "co-dependent" is to be an enabler or one who relies on being "needed" and loses sense of oneself should the "dependent" start to become self-reliant. Andrews is simply dependent on other people emotionally and is not an enabler. This has been corrected as of the original Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy port on the Nintendo 3DS, where she is instead stated to have a "dependent nature".
  • While similar student/teacher relationships have been explored in the Ace Attorney series, the Andrews/Inpax one is notable for the student attempting suicide after the suicide of her mentor. This emphasizes Andrews' tendency to be emotionally attached to other people, even to the point of trying to mimic them.
  • According to The Art of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Andrews was planned to have a worried animation in Justice for All, which was included in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations.