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Adron B. Metermann
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Adron B. Metermann
"...I accept! All in the name of Altamont!!"

Adron B. Metermann was a mysterious man in yellow who was seen having an argument with William Shamspeare outside of Soseki Natsume's residence during Ryunosuke Naruhodo's investigation into Olive Green's attempted murder.


Adron B. Metermann is an employee of the Altamont Gas Company. His job is to go around East End of London every few days to collect the coins within the gas meters people use for gas, it's a new meter the company installed. But one day, he noticed the gas meter of one William Shamspeare didn't contain a single coin despite the little amount of gas inside.

A mysterious argument[]

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The mysterious arguing men.

During Naruhodo's investigation of Olive Green's attempted murder, he encountered Adron B. Metermann having an argument with William Shamspeare outside of the Garrideb's Flats regarding his gas thefts. Shamspeare denies this and says he's old and that his name Horatio, much to his anger. However, he left when Naruhodo told him he was an attorney but vowed to meet Shamspeare again.

After the trial of Green's stabbing, Metermann looked through Shamspeare's semi-bricked window to see if he really was stealing gas. Even though the room was dark, he saw Shamspeare and Soseki Natsume (dressed as Romeo and Juliet, respectively) having a Jujitsu battle after having tea.

A mysterious witness[]

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During the investigation of Shamspeare's poisoning, Naruhodo and Susato Mikotoba find Adron B. Metermann still peeking into the flat, but he quickly runs away when he sees the two. He reappears as witness summoned by Barok van Zieks to prove Shamspeare didn't try to commit suicide. He is constantly bowing in the trial, which is later revealed to be because Juror No. 4 is the wife of his gas company's president, Augustus Altamont. When she comes down to the stand to testify with Metermann, their cross-examination reveals that Shamspeare was making fake coins out of tea and poked a hole in the coin compartment to let the melted liquid out. This eventually helped Naruhodo figure out that the poison wasn't in Natsume's tea, but in the gas pipe which Shamspeare blew into when he tried to scare Soseki Natsume. It was actually put by Olive Green in revenge for him killing her fiancé.



Adron B. Metermann is mostly straightforward but has a tendency to get very irritated. He is highly devoted and loyal to the Altamont Gas Company, and he bows to his president's wife and gets into arguments when Shamspeare insults the gas. Metermann wears bright yellow clothes and has an unusually large chin, which looks out of place compared to the witnesses alongside him.


  • The names of Metermann and William Shamspeare were not given during The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures. However, the title of "Mysterious Man B" was given to Metermann in the game's artbook, while Shamspeare was referred to as "Mysterious Man A".[1] His name is revealed in The Great Ace Attorney 2: Resolve.
  • "Decargo" is a portmanteau of dekai, “big” (でかい) and ago, “chin” (顎). "Mieterman" and “Metermann” come from “meter man”, a reference to his job. It could also come from "Mitta man", which could mean either "man who saw it" or "saw it all".
  • "Adron B." is a play on "a drone bee".


  • Metermann and Altamont were designed as a pair. Their relationship reminded Kazuya Nuri of worker bees, so this was incorporated into both characters' designs. This is seen in Metermann's clothes, head, and tendency to point down diagonally, which make him resemble a bumblebee.[2]


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