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Ahlbi Ur'gaid
Allow me to explain!

Ahlbi Ur'gaid is a monk-in-training who works as a tour guide in Khura'in. Once he starts one of his tour monologues, there is no stopping him. When Ur'gaid was accused of murder, Phoenix Wright, who was visiting Khura'in at the time, stepped in to defend him in court.

Early life[]

By the time Ur'gaid was born, the Defiant Dragons and their fight against the Defense Culpability Act was already a fact of life in Khura'in. Growing up, he was taught that lawyers were evil people who would tell any lie in order to win trials. Thus, he had never questioned the practice of relying on the Divination Séance alone as conclusive evidence in trials.

Ur'gaid dreamt of becoming a monk at Tehm'pul Temple. He began his training there early in life, and befriended one of the temple's guards Paht Rohl. He learned that Rohl was once a monk-in-training himself, but had to quit after his parents died in order to support his family. Rohl encouraged Ur'gaid to not to end up like he did, and to finish his monk training.

Tourism trade[]

In order to ease the financial hardships that came with life at the temple, Ur'gaid started a small sightseeing business. He would show tourists around the kingdom, explaining the cultural significance of various locations and landmarks. He would also sell them snacks like magatah'mans (a Khura'inese sweet bun).

He met with Maya Fey during her spiritual training in Khura'in. The two formed a close bond, and Fey came to view him as a little brother.

Forbidden excursions[]

Treasure room

Tehm'pul Temple's treasure room.

Having trained at Tehm'pul Temple all his life, Ur'gaid was familiar with the strict rules there. Thus, he knew that the temple's treasure room was off limits to unauthorized people. Despite this, he couldn't help himself from sneaking in there from time to time in order to gaze upon the glowing treasure box that held the Founder's Orb. Rohl caught him in the act once and scolded him for it.

On trial[]

Main article: The Foreign Turnabout

Being held at gunpoint by Rohl.

This incident did not stop Ur'gaid from future visits, and he went back one fateful day. Accompanied by his dog, Shah'do, he crept down the stairs that led to the halls where the treasure room's entrance was. Before he reached the bottom, he bumped into a man who wore a scarf over his face. He recognized the man as Rohl, who then pointed his gun at him. Ur'gaid put his hands in the air, and Rohl asked him if he had stolen "it." Before he could reply, a blackout occurred, and Ur'gaid fearfully fled under the cover of darkness. He dropped his notice scroll in the confusion.

Later that day, he went to the bazaar in order to meet up with Fey's old friend, Phoenix Wright, who was invited to celebrate the completion of her training. She had tasked Ur'gaid with keeping him company while she finished her last two weeks of training. Meeting each other in the town's bazaar, Wright agreed to go on one of Ur'gaid's tours. Their first stop was Tehm'pul Temple in order to see the afternoon Dance of Devotion. Meanwhile, Rohl was found dead in the treasure room, along with the empty treasure box and a scroll with Ur'gaid's fingerprints. He was arrested in the middle of the Dance of Devotion on the charges of larceny, murder, and treason.

His trial began the next day, and the Divination Séance proved that he was that last person Rohl saw before feeling the pain of death. He was found guilty, and his pleas of innocence were ignored. Wright had made his way into the courtroom at this point, and objected to this outcome. After learning that there weren't any lawyers in Khura'in, he offered to defend Ur'gaid. Knowing that Wright would share his fate under the DC Act for doing so, Ur'gaid frantically tried to tell Wright to leave him. But the chief prosecutor, Gaspen Payne, revealed Wright's profession as a foreign defense attorney, and requested that he be allowed to represent the accused. Wright assured Ur'gaid that everything would be fine if he just told the truth. But due to the national stigma against lawyers he adopted growing up, Ur'gaid's attitude towards Wright soured. He refused to cooperate with Wright's efforts to help him, and tried to save himself by lying. His lie was easily disproved by Wright, which only put both of them in further danger.

Later on in the trial, Wright learned about the DC Act and the danger it posed to him, and was offered a chance to withdraw from the defense. Instead, he chose to believe in Ur'gaid's innocence, and continued to represent him despite the earlier harsh treatment. Seeing Wright act so selflessly for his sake caused Ur'gaid to reconsider his lifelong belief in lawyers like Wright. After overturning the Insights provided by Princess Rayfa Padma Khura'in, Wright asked Ur'gaid to tell the truth about his last meeting with Rohl. Since Wright was willing to risk his own life trusting him, Ur'gaid chose to believe in the lawyer as well. He revealed everything he remembered about the encounter, but admitted that he didn't see anyone else who could have committed the crime at the time. He tried to tell everyone that Shah'do (who was until that moment hiding in his bag) claimed to see another person there. Knowing this wasn't viable tesimony, Wright instead brought up the possibility that the victim could have been struck dead from behind.

In an attempt to disprove all of the allegations posed by the defense, Payne attempted to call in the head monk, Pees'lubn Andistan'dhin as an eyewitness. Andistan'dhin tried to get Ur'gaid to confess to the crime, and undermined Wright's efforts to get a Not Guilty verdict. But Wright pressed on, and figured out that the head monk was the culprit behind all crimes Ur'gaid was charged with. It was revealed that Rohl had attempted to steal the Founder's Orb in only to discover that the treasure box it was kept in was already empty. Andistan'dhin had gotten to the treasure first, and struck Rohl dead in order to keep his own theft a secret. Ur'gaid was heartbroken to learn that Rohl had to resort to burglary to make ends meet.

As the first person to be acquitted in the 23 years since the DC Act was passed, Ur'gaid was elated. He thanked Wright, and apologized for not trusting him earlier. When Wright tried to say that the Divination Séances weren't enough to hold a proper trial, Ur'gaid warned him to keep his voice down if he wanted to avoid being confused for a rebel. After an encounter with the intimidating justice minister, Inga Karkhuul Khura'in, Ur'gaid and Wright decided to resume the tour until Fey finished her training.

Assisting Wright's investigation[]

Main article: The Rite of Turnabout

The end of Fey's training happened to coincide with the annual Purification Rite. Ur'gaid was especially excited to introduce Wright to this custom, since the role of Lady Kee'ra would be played by none other than Fey. The long-awaited reunion took place in the Plaza of Devotion, and the three discussed some of the recent events in Khura'in. Ur'gaid was still in awe from his trial two weeks prior, and recalled the amazement and worry he experienced while watching Wright in action. They also talked about the recent sightings of a rebel hunter that many believed to be the legendary Lady Kee'ra reborn. Ur'gaid was even inspired to create a new snack item based on her (a Kee'ra bun). When Fey jokingly claimed to be the legendary rebel hunter, Ur'gaid was taken in for a moment.

As the rite went underway, Ur'gaid caught sight of Puh'ray Zeh'lot, who was already in the prayer pose. He informed Wright that it was time for them to do the same pose and hold it for a day and a half. Unfortunately, Wright blacked out from intense back pain within a few seconds. Ur'gaid called for help, and Wright was taken to the Inmee residence in order to recouperate. By the time the rite ended, Abbot Tahrust Inmee was found dead in the Inner Sanctum, and Fey was arrested for the murder. Wright regained consciousness just in time to hear Ur'gaid deliver the bad news, prompting him to run back to the plaza.

After learning the preliminary details of the case, Ur'gaid asked if Wright intended to defend Fey. After hearing he would, Ur'gaid once again proclaimed his trust in Wright, and believed that Fey must have been framed. But he was also concerned that Wright would have to face the court of resignation once again, especially since the famous Nahyuta Sahdmadhi would be prosecuting the case this time around. Ur'gaid warned Wright that going up against a man who was revered as both a prosecutor and a monk could incur the Holy Mother's wrath. Ur'gaid declined Wright's invitation to investigate the Inner Sanctum, believing that a commoner such as himself would cursed for all eternity by setting foot in there.

Ur'gaid decided to help Wright's investigation in his own way. Shah'do found the Warbaa'd Arrow belonging to Lady Kee'ra near the Inmees' house. Ur'gaid decided to give it Wright the next time he saw him. He saw Wright at the bazaar, who was being accompanied by Princess Rayfa. Recognizing him as the accused from the past case, Rayfa warned him his soul was in jeopardy from fraternizing with Wright. Despite the warning, Ur'gaid insisted that Wright was trustworthy as a lawyer, and refused to stop believing in Fey's innocence (much to Rayfa's dismay). He spoke with Wright about the Defiant Dragons, namely Datz Are'bal and the leader, Dhurke. The former had recently managed to escape the mountaintop prison. Ur'gaid preferred to hope the attempt ended in the rebel's death. He also shared the tragic story of Queen Amara's assassination at the hands of Dhurke (though he did not know the truth about the former queen's disappearance). After showing Wright and Rayfa the arrow Shah'do had found, Ur'gaid led them back to the Inmee residence.

After Wright finished his investigation for the day, Ur'gaid met up with him and the princess in front of the temple. They reviewed the clues Wright had gathered together. The only lead Wright had was the warning letter that was sent to the abbot by someone claiming to be Lady Kee'ra. Unfortunately, there was no conclusive evidence that could point to this mystery Kee'ra as a suspect, which did not go unnoticed by Rayfa. Ur'gaid watched timidly as the princess gave Wright one last chance to withdraw from the defense. Wright declined, and declared that he would prove Maya's innocence in court the next day. Rayfa replied by advising him to prepare for his last rites.

Questioning the status quo[]

The next day, Ur'gaid went to observe the trial. After Fey was found guilty (along with Wright), and was charged with the murder of Puh'ray Zeh'lot immediately afterwards, he became concerned. He met with Wright outside the temple, and offered to join him in his new investigation. Wright didn't want to get him involved in a murder case, but Ur'gaid pointed out that a foreigner would have a hard time investigating on his own. To that end, Wright convinced Rayfa to "keep an eye on him" once more. Ur'gaid obliged Wright's request to hold on to unnecessary evidence, and blessed him in the name of the Holy Mother before parting ways.

Later that day, Ur'gaid was at the bazaar when police arrived in the area. He overheard them speaking about an escaped prisoner. Wright appeared soon after, with Rayfa following him. While on the lookout for Are'bal, Wright noticed an open manhole cover. He asked Ur'gaid if he could borrow Shah'do in order to track Are'bal down there by scent. Ur'gaid obliged, being pleasantly surprised that his dog was capable of such a thing. Five minutes after they went down the manhole, Shah'do resurfaced alone. Later still, Wright returned, to Ur'gaid's relief. Wright and Rayfa then left to continue the investigation.

After the investigation, the three of them met at Temp'hul Temple once again. Just as the day before, Wright's investigation yielded nothing conclusive, much to Ur'gaid's disappointment. The lead about Lady Kee'ra possibly working for the justice minister did seem interesting. Ur'gaid lamented that the kingdom was being ruled by fear and violence instead of faith and laws, as it should have been. Wright observed this was in line with the thinking of rebels. Ur'gaid seemed scared for a moment, but got over this when he learned that Fey could be exonerated if the lead was true. When Wright told him of the secret hideout he found, he began to think how popular it might be with tourists. Wright concluded that the Divination Séance would probably be the only means of obtaining any useful evidence. Ur'gaid was confused by this, since the séance had always worked against the accused. Wright told him of how both lawyers used to interpret the high priestess's insights, which was something he had never heard of before. Ur'gaid wished Wright the best of luck for the following day.

The truth behind the deaths was revealed at the next day's trial with Beh'leeb Inmee's confession. Zeh'lot was an alias of Rheel Neh'mu, who was also posing as Lady Kee'ra. As Wright suspected, he worked for Inga and hunted rebels. The Inmees were also revealed to be rebels, and Neh'mu's final targets. Beh'leeb killed him in self defense, and Tahrust took his own life as a means of using the séance in order to implicate Fey for both deaths. After this shocking revelation went public, Ur'gaid decided to side with the Defiant Dragons and their cause.

Misadventures at the palace[]

Main article: Turnabout Revolution

At an unspecified point in time, Ur'gaid found a small opening in a damaged wall that led straight into the Ga'ran Palace grounds. He and Shah'do snuck in from time to time, just as they did with the temple's treasure room.

Ur'gaid and Shah'do went out for a walk through the bazaar a few days after Fey's trial. There, he saw a pair of individuals with unusual hairstyles (Apollo Justice and Athena Cykes) being chased by the Ga'ran Royal Guard. Not long afterwards, Are'bal surprised them by popping out of a manhole. After confusing Ur'gaid by accusing his dog of being in league with the Ga'ran regime, Are'bal set off one of his Dragon Snot Snap firecrackers. The loud bang spooked Shah'do, and he ran off. Ur'gaid had to chase him all the way to the palace grounds.

Ahlbi's photo

Ur'gaid's photo of the channeling.

Ur'gaid snuck in through the hole in the palace wall. While searching the palace grounds, Ur'gaid stumbled upon what looked like Queen Ga'ran Sigatar Khura'in in the middle of a channeling session. Excited at the rare opportunity to witness such an occasion, he took a photo before resuming his search. He eventually found Shah'do, who was carrying a strange looking hat (that belonged to Rayfa's attendant, Nayna) in his mouth. He also saw the mess that was made when Shah'do knocked over an urn full of water. Later on, the boy and his dog encountered Wright, who was investigating the murder of Justice Minister Inga at the palace grounds alongside Miles Edgeworth. After a brief incident involving prying Shah'do off of Edgeworth's cravat, Ur'gaid told the two about everything he experienced that day, sharing the evidence he found with them. Wright chastised him for tresspassing, but Ur'gaid responded by saying he was just trying to do everything he could to change his country for the better. He believed that using his secret entryway into the palace, he might be able to take pictures of one of the royals up to no good. While he was commended for his noble intentions, Ur'gaid promised not to do anything illegal like that anymore. This, of course, led to him owning up to the urn Shah'do knocked over. Ur'gaid realized that the individuals he saw being chased earlier might be Americans (due to their hair), and thus friends of Wright. After being informed of the two and their situation, Wright and Edgeworth became alarmed, and set off.

The end of the Defense Culpability Act[]

Ur'gaid went to watch the trial for Dhurke that began the day after. Queen Ga'ran returned to her former role as a prosecutor, and stood alongside Nahyuta. Justice led the defense, with assistance from Wright. At this trial, a great deal of shocking revelations came to light. Nayna, Rayfa's attendant, was revealed to be the former Queen Amara, alive and well. Dhurke was discovered to have died three days before, and had been channeled by Fey and Amara since then. The channeling session Ur'gaid stumbled upon the day before was being held by Amara, rather than Ga'ran as was assumed. Ga'ran was revealed to have been responsible for Inga's murder and the fire that killed Justice's father 23 years ago and attempted to coerce her sister and Nahyuta to take the fall for her. All of this led to the greatest surprise of all: Ga'ran had no spiritual power, and thus no claim to the throne. After her arrest, all of the laws she passed were rendered null and void, including the DC Act.

Ahlbi and Datz

Cleaning with Are'bal at Dhurke's old law office for its reopening as the Justice Law Offices.

After Dhurke was posthumously cleared of all charges, Justice decided to remain in Khura'in, and take over Dhurke's old office. Ur'gaid and Are'bal helped clean up the new Justice Law Offices. When the time for the parade was about to begin, Ur'gaid rushed out the front door to see it, accidentally knocking Justice off of a stepladder in the process. The trio watched as Rayfa and Nahyuta passed by, waving at them. Ur'gaid was inspired by the recent turn of events to help Khura'in even further by promoting tourism. He made many plans, including starting a museum dedicated to the Defiant Dragons.


Ahlbi Ur'gaid
The main thing you'll want to see when you come to Tehm'pul Temple is... ...the Dance of Devotion rite! The Dance of Devotion takes place twice, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. This Dance, along with the Song of Ceremony, is performed in offering to the Holy Mother! The Dance of Devotion has the power to summon forth souls from the Twilight Realm! In Khura'inism, we believe the soul is carried by the sacred Khura'inese butterfly. Its wings form a loop that wraps around the soul to transport it--
Bokuto Mugshot


Ur'gaid is an industrious and energetic boy who loves to tell people about Khura'in, putting everything he has into what he does. His explanations, usually started with an enthusiastic "Allow me to explain!", are often long-winded and incredibly detailed, going on for hours at a time unless someone stops him. He greets foreigners with the traditional Khura'inese greeting "hap'piraki" and often times offers them "magatah'man," a Magatama-shaped sweet bun. Despite being generally law-abiding, he has a tendency to occasionally break the rules, such as by entering the temple's treasure room without permission or sneaking into the royal residence.

While he is normally friendly, Ur'gaid, like most of his country, initially held a deep distrust and hatred of defense attorneys. This dislike quickly evaporated over the course of his trial, as he saw Wright deciding to risk his own life for a chance at proving Ur'gaid's innocence, and then going on to show the potential for lawyers to reveal the truth instead of twisting it. Eventually, Ur'gaid's trust in Wright and distaste for how the law treated the accused led him to believe in the cause of the Defiant Dragons.

Ur'gaid also has the personality traits of a "shrewd businessman", despite his young age, charging twenty dahmas for a magatah'man, five more than a shop in the local bazaar (an increase he calls a "service fee"). He also deeply cares for the well-being of his customers and the integrity of his relationship with them.


  • Japanese - Bokuto Tsuāni (ボクト・ツアーニ):
    • His Japanese name is a play on "boku to tsuā ni", which translates to "tour with me".
  • English - Ahlbi Ur'gaid:
    • His English name is a play on "I'll be your guide".
  • Chinese - Wòsī Dàilùdé (沃斯.戴路德):
    • His Chinese name is a pun on "I am a guide" (我是帶路的 Wǒshìdàilùde).
  • French - Sou Ih'vel Guidh:
    • His French name is a play on "Suivez le guide", meaning "Follow the guide".
  • German - Rai Se'fuhra:
    • His German name is a play on "Reiseführer", which means "travel guide."


  • Ahlbi Ur'gaid has spiked black hair with a tuft tied in an orange hair tie. The tuft is meant to resemble Maya Fey's topknot, showing a link between the cultures of Kurain Village and the Kingdom of Khura'in.[4]
  • He wears a white tunic with a dark blue trim, a light blue jacket with a dark blue bow, dark blue socks, white shoes, a necklace with white beads, white spikes, and a green magatama, and an orange bag with red rectangles.
  • He was made to be a "pure boy" and have a connection to Maya Fey in order to endear players to him and make them want to save him.[5]
  • In the launch trailer for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice, Ur'gaid was shown to have Psyche-Locks. This, however, did not make it into the final game.
  • Ur'gaid is the youngest defendant in the Ace Attorney series to date.


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