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Ahlbi Ur'gaid
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Ahlbi Ur'gaid
Allow me to explain!

Ahlbi Ur'gaid is a monk-in-training who works as a tour guide in Khura'in. Once he starts one of his tour monologues, there is no stopping him. When Ur'gaid was accused of murder, Phoenix Wright, who was visiting Khura'in at the time, stepped in to defend him in court.[2][3][4]

Wright's tour guide

Accused of murder

Main article: The Foreign Turnabout

Ur'gaid was accused of murdering treasure guard Paht Rohl. With no one to defend him, he was declared guilty, but Wright objected to the verdict. Ur'gaid frantically tried to tell Wright to leave him, as defense attorneys are not seen in a good light within Khura'in, but Wright pressed on, finding the true killer and getting Ur'gaid a not guilty verdict.

Assisting Wright's investigation

Main article: The Rite of Turnabout

After his trial, he assisted Wright in his investigation of Tahrust Inmee's and Rheel Neh'mu's deaths.

The Minister of Justice's murder

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He once again assisted Wright, whom was investigating with Miles Edgeworth, in Inga Karkhuul Khura'in's murder investigation. He informed them that Shah'do had been chasing down Datz Are'bal, and eventually he made his way into the royal residence via a cracked wall. He showed them the hat belonging to Nayna that he had found and he gushed about seeing a channeling take place while searching for his dog, presenting them with a photo he took. Wright noted that he shouldn't technically be in the royal residence, but Ur'gaid told him that after Fey's trial, he wanted to help the revolution in any way he can, tired of seeing innocent lives getting hurt by the law.


Bokuto Mugshot


Ur'gaid is an industrious and energetic boy who loves to tell people about Khura’in, putting everything he has into what he does. His explanations, usually started with an enthusiastic "Allow me to explain!", are often long-winded and incredibly detailed, going on for hours at a time unless someone stops him. He greets foreigners with the traditional Khura'inese greeting "hap'piraki" and often times offers them "magatah'man," a Magatama-shaped sweet bun. Despite being otherwise friendly, he, like most of his country, holds a deep distrust and hatred towards defense attorneys.[5] This dislike quickly evaporates over the course of his trial, as Wright decides to risk his own life for a chance at proving Ur'gaid's innocence, and then goes on to show the potential for lawyers to reveal the truth instead of twisting it.

Despite being generally law-abiding, he has a tendency to break the rules such as viewing the Sacred Treasure without permission or sneaking into the royal residence. Eventually, his trust in Wright and distaste for how the law treats the accused leads him to believe in the cause of the Defiant Dragons.

Ur'gaid also has the personality traits of a "shrewd businessman", despite his young age, charging twenty dahmas for a magatah'man, five more than a shop in the local bazaar (an increase he calls a "service fee"). He also deeply cares for the well-being of his customers and the integrity of his relationship with them.


  • His Japanese name, "Bokuto Tsuani" (ボクト・ツアーニ), is a play on "boku to tsuā ni", which translates to "tour with me", alluding to his occupation as a tour guide.
  • "Ahlbi Ur'gaid", his English name, is a play on "I'll be your guide", in reference to his job as a tour guide.



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