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Aido Nosa is the son of Iyesa Nosa. When he was a baby, his father carried him on his back using straps while giving witness testimony during the trial of Ryunosuke Naruhodo for the murder of John Wilson. Despite being a baby, Iyesa would try to teach him "the finer points of swordplay." The low pay that Iyesa received was insufficient for supporting his family, so he resorted to stealing valuables from patrons of La Carneval to supplement his income.

Mustaches and pinwheels[]

Main article: The Adventure of the Great Departure

During Naruhodo's trial, Iyesa would try to keep his son out of view and avoid acknowledging the boy's presence. This quickly proved fruitless, however, as Aido would make noises during testimony and raise his head above Iyesa's shoulder every once in a while. Iyesa resigned himself to introducing his son, as Naruhodo was distracted by the baby and could not help but ask about him. Iyesa would also occasionally bring out a pinwheel, which he would sometimes hold for Aido to play with.

Eventually, Iyesa's thievery was exposed. He tried in vain to pin the blame on his son, who started pulling on his mustache and riding him like a horse.


According to Iyesa, when Aido was hungry, he would be "fiercer than a pack of wolves."


  • Japanese - Kuroumaru Uzukumaru (渦久丸 九郎丸):
    • His surname "Uzukumaru" (渦久丸) likely comes from "uzukumaru" (蹲る), meaning "to curl up into a ball".
    • His given name "Kuroumaru" (九郎丸) likely comes from "kurou" (苦労), meaning "hardship".
  • English - Aido Nosa:
    • "Aido Nosa" is likely a pun on "I don't know, sir".


  • Russian - Yaneji Nese:
    • The same joke as in the English localization. "I don't know, sir" in Russian sounds like "Ya ne znayu, ser" (Я не знаю, сэр).