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Akbey Hicks
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Akbey Hicks was a Borginian Interpol agent who was killed during his investigation into an international smuggling ring.


Alif and Hicks

Hicks and the Alif Red Statue.

An associate and close friend of Shi-Long Lang, Hicks was put on the Interpol investigation into the smuggling ring. He was paired up with Prosecutor Franziska von Karma and took iFly Airlines Flight I-390 from Borginia to the United States to meet up with her.


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Being pushed to his death.

During the flight, Hicks went down to the cargo hold with flight attendant Cammy Meele to check on the priceless Alif Red statue. Hicks suspected that it had been swapped with a fake during a stopover in Zheng Fa. Unbeknownst to him, Meele was actually working undercover for the smuggling ring. When Hicks began taking pictures of the cargo hold, she panicked and pushed him off the stairs, killing him.

Trying to cover up her involvement in the Interpol agent's death, Meele attempted to frame her fellow flight attendant, Rhoda Teneiro, by using one of the (Teneiro-designed) suitcases in the cargo hold to transport the body into the elevator, and placing the victim's cellphone in Teneiro's locker. Whilst in the elevator, however, a patch of high turbulence caused the suitcase to burst open. Hicks's corpse fell out and his belongings were scattered all over the elevator floor. Changing her plan, Meele decided to make the elevator out to be the crime scene. She left the corpse where it was, cleaned the suitcase with a Borginian cloth, placed said cloth in the in-flight shop, and smeared a Mr. Ifly piggy bank from the shop cabinet with Hicks's blood to make it seem to be the murder weapon. She then placed the victim's travel wallet, which was smeared with grape juice, on a nearby passenger who had passed out in the lounge during the earlier turbulence.

Edgeworth discovers Hicks

The discovery of Hicks's corpse.

Unfortunately for Meele, the unconscious passenger turned out to be veteran prosecutor Miles Edgeworth, who had fainted from the turbulence due to a childhood-induced phobia of earthquakes. Despite briefly managing to pin the blame on Teneiro, Meele's plan ultimately failed as, although she had succeeded in cleaning up the crime scene, she had neglected to erase the photos on Hicks's phone. With a mixture of evidence and logic, Edgeworth was soon able to have Hicks's true killer caught and arrested.


From what little is known about him, Hicks seemed to be devoted to his job. According to Zinc Lablanc, he had a tendency to play with his phone.


  • Japanese/English - Akubī Hikkusu (アクビーヒックス)/Akbey Hicks:
    • "Akbey" may come from the Japanese word for "yawn" ("akubi", 欠伸). This may be a reference to his killer, Cammy Meele. It could also be a reference to his average-looking appearance (or at least less interesting than most Ace Attorney characters), which is referenced by Zinc LaBlanc during a testimony.
    • "Hicks" may come from "hiccup", which can mean "a minor setback".



Hicks' design as seen in early screenshots and his concept art.

  • Hicks was one of the first new Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth characters to be unveiled. However, little was revealed about him before the release of the game.
  • The in-game image of Hicks's corpse bears a closer resemblance to his original art than the finished design, as the length of his hair is shorter than his court record image and more like his concept art. This short-hair design can also be seen in early images from the game's development.