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Albert Harebrayne is an eccentric and hardworking English scientist. He is a friend of Barok van Zieks. He was accused of murdering a volunteer of his during an experiment.


Albert Harebrayne was a young man aiming to become a scientist. During his time in university he became friends with Barok van Zieks. Then, he decided to study in Germany for two decades. But while he was gone, van Zieks got caught up in an incident where his brother was murdered, then he was labeled as a Grim Reaper after all the trials he lost had the defendants somehow die. Upon Harebrayne's return to England, he was determined to prove his theory of possible teleportation. Because Harebrayne was in Germany for so long, most people in England thought he was actually German. Harebrayne was approached by an investor, really leader of a notorious crime syndicate, named Odie Asman who offered to find a guy who can make an actual teleporter with the goal of getting money from the government.

A Demonstration Gone Wrong[]

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Unveiling his invention

The teleporter wasn't shown to the public until the Great Exhibition. Albert Harebrayne gives a speech about the transportation of the twentieth century before announcing the invention. He was very excited about this, but when he tested it on Asman something went wrong. Although his volunteer made it to the intended teleported location of the new Crystal Tower, he ended up dead. This resulted in the scientist getting arrested for the murder of Odie Asman.


Albert Harebrayne is quite cheerful, ambitious, and eccentric.


  • "Benjamin" is possibly derived from Benjamin Franklin, a United States founding father and scientist.
  • "Dobinbough" is a pun on Do binbō (ド貧乏) which means “incredibly poor”.
  • "Albert" is possibly derived from Albert Einstein, a German-born theoretical physicist.
  • "Harebrayne" is a pun on "harebrained", which means "with no more sense than a hare", or to have little sense. His first and last name together work as a pun on the phrase “a bit harebrained”.