Alchemist's house
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Alchemist's House
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Butler's room

The Alchemist's house is the former home of the late Newton Belduke.

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Areas Of InterestEdit

Butler's RoomEdit

The Butler's Room is where Jean Greyerl resides. Newton Belduke allowed her to stay with him after he found her. One of the walls is painted entirely green, which allows Greyerl to use the spell Godoor.

Alchemist's StudyEdit

The Alchemist's Study is the study in which Newton Belduke would work. This room was where he died and has been carefully preserved by Jean Greyerl to make sure the evidence remains untouched. An Alchemist's circle is on the middle of the floor, surrounded by candles. The wall behind the desk and painting is painted green, which allows Greyerl to use the spell Godoor.

Basement StudyEdit

The Basement Study is located below the Alchemist's Study, in which Phoenix Wright investigates. It was assumed to have been used by Newton Belduke while he was still alive, although it was made evident that it hasn't been used for a while.


Three months prior to when the game takes place, the Bell Tower appeared in the Town Square before Newton Belduke and Jean Greyerl, which annoyed Belduke. This event made him write a letter to the Storyteller a few days later, asking if he revealed the secrets of Labyrinthia. Later that same night, Newton Belduke locked himself inside his study and committed suicide by taking a dangerous poison. Since his death, the room has been untouched as it was still being investigated.

Chapter 3: The Great WitchEdit

After hearing of Newton Belduke's case and that it remains unsolved, Phoenix Wright and Maya Fey make their way to the Alchemist's House to investigate, with Greyerl there to aid. The first area they investigate is his study, but find no clues leading to his death. While Wright investigates the basement, Professor Layton and Luke run to the house to warn their companions that they were in danger. Layton reaches Maya first, who was still in the study, when the Great Witch appears from the Alchemist's circle in the middle of the floor. She casts the Goldor spell on Layton and turns him to gold. By the time she disappears, Wright emerges from the basement, and Luke, with a crowd of people including Ms Primstone, Birdly and Emeer Punchenbaug in tow, reach the room, to find Layton's golden statue. Since Maya was the only person with Layton in that room, and she was found to have a witch's staff at her feet, was put on trial, suspected of being a witch and turning Layton into a golden statue.

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