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The Alif Red statue was a large and very valuable sculpture. It was a piece of evidence in Miles Edgeworth's investigation into the murder of Akbey Hicks.


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A photograph of the Alif Red statue on display in Europe.

The statue was originally kept in a Borginia museum, but was flown on iFly Airlines Flight I-390 from Europe to Los Angeles to be showcased in the United States. Unfortunately, during a stopover in Zheng Fa, and unbeknownst to the art dealer traveling with it, the statue was swapped with a fake by an international smuggling ring; the real statue had red eyes while the fake had orange ones. Akbey Hicks, an Interpol agent investigating the smuggling ring, was looking for proof that it was active on the flight, and asked flight attendant Cammy Meele to take him to the cargo hold, where the now fake statue was being stored. He took a photo of the fake statue as evidence to be compared to a previous photo he had taken in Europe. However, in a panic, Meele, who was working for the smuggling ring, shoved Hicks over a stair railing to his death. Though she managed to clean up the crime scene, she couldn't erase the evidence on Hicks's phone, and was eventually caught and arrested for the murder due to the investigative prowess of Miles Edgeworth.

The black market auction[]

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The real Alif Red Statue?

An Alif Red statue was later found in the hidden 51st floor of the Grand Tower as one of the items being sold in the black market auction being held there. Although apparently matching Hicks's photograph of the original, Edgeworth was unable to verify as to its authenticity. He also mistakenly referred to it as the "Alice Red" statue, only to be corrected by his investigative partner at the time, Ema Skye.


  • In the unofficial English fan translation patch for Gyakuten Kenji 2, the statue is priced at $2.4 million in the black market auction.