Allebahst, officially the Kingdom of Allebahst, was a fictional European country. Allebahst was originally a part of Cohdopia and existed until Cohdopia's reunification in 2019. Allebahst was especially known for having the strictest immigration policy in the world.


When Cohdopia was split into Allebahst and Babahl, Allebahst inherited the imperial household and one of two statues, only one of which was the priceless Primidux Statue, while the other was a fake.

American embassy uniformsEdit

The Allebastian police officers that are seen in the Allebahstian Embassy in the United States wear red with a green sash. Quercus Alba's uniform was green with a red sash.


The name may come from alabaster which can refer to either a type of calcite or a type of gypsum, both of which are pale and slightly transparent minerals. Alabaster can also be used to describe other things that are like these minerals, for example someone with a pale complexion being referred to as having "alabaster skin". There are some species of plant with white flowers that are named after alabaster, such as the Clematis "Alabast" variety of Clematis.


Allebahst is portrayed as an opposite to Babahl in several ways. While Babahl promotes tourist attractions, Allebahst is an isolationist country with a strict immigration policy. The ambassador of Babahl is young, cheerful, and generous while the ambassador of Allebahst is old, grumpy, and self-deprecating. The rivalry between Global Studios' Samurai franchise and Worldwide Studios' Jammin' Ninja is even played out with the two countries, with the former being popular in Allebahst and the latter being popular in Babahl.

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