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Ally is Patricia Roland's pet alligator who lived in the prison's courtyard.

Swallowing the evidence[]

After killing Horace Knightley, Roland had Ally hide the knife used as the murder weapon in her mouth. During the subsequent investigation of the courtyard, Miles Edgeworth had Detective Dick Gumshoe use his metal detector to search for missing weights used for a show at the prison by Berry Big Circus, during which the detector reacted to Ally.

During a later interrogation of Roland, Edgeworth bluffed that he knew the murder weapon was a knife and that it was hidden somewhere in the prison. When Verity Gavèlle demanded to know where he thought it was, Edgeworth answered that it was inside Ally's mouth and compared it to a similar situation earlier in the investigation during which the imprisoned assassin Sirhan Dogen had concealed his chisel inside the mouth of his dog Anubis. After being called for by Edgeworth, the animal trainer Regina Berry subsequently ordered Ally to open her mouth, revealing the knife and greatly assisting in proving Roland's guilt.