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Ally is an alligator who was the pet of prison warden Patricia Roland.

Swallowing the evidenceEdit

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After Patricia Roland murdered Horace Knightley, she had her pet Ally hold it in its mouth.

When Raymond Shields and Miles Edgeworth were investigating the case against Simon Keyes, they found the courtyard. There, Patricia showed them her pet Ally.

After the elements from Berry Big Circus were pulled, Miles Edgeworth has Dick Gumshoe use his metal detector to find where were the weights for Simon's stunt left. During the search of metals, Gumshoe's metal detector detected metals on Ally.

When interrogating Patricia for the last time, Edgeworth bluffs by claiming that the real murder weapon was a knife and that it was still hidden in the prison. When Judge Courtney has Edgeworth state where was the knife hidden, he answers that it was hidden in Ally, and compares it on how Sirhan Dogen hid a chisel incriminating him in his dog Anubis' mouth. Regina Berry, who had been called by Edgeworth, orders Ally to open his mouth to retrieve the knife.

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