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Ernest mugshot

Ernest Amano.

Lance mugshot

Lance Amano.

Amano is a family surname which may refer to:

Family history[]

  • 1967-8: Ernest Amano is born.
  • 1997-8: Lance Amano is born.
  • 2009: Cece Yew, an employee of the Amano Group, approaches the police to testify against the company's shady dealings with the Cohdopian smuggling ring. Quercus Alba sends Manny Coachen to silence her and has the decisive evidence against Coachen stolen so he walks free. Colin Devorae, an employee of the Amano Group, is made the scapegoat for the company's corruption and arrested. Devorae eventually escapes prison and begins working for Ernest again under the pseudonym of "Oliver Deacon".
  • March 13, 2019: Lance Amano stages a fake kidnapping of himself with the help of Lauren Paups and "Oliver Deacon". In a struggle between Lance and Devorae, the latter is killed. Lance and Ernest are arrested for the murder and for obstructing the investigation, respectively.
  • March 17, 2019: Ernest Amano is put on trial alongside Alba for their involvement with the smuggling ring.

See also[]

  • Yurie Amano (天野由利恵) - Celeste Inpax's name in the original Japanese language version.