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Amano Group
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Lobby Manny
Organization type Corporation
CEO Ernest Amano ( - Mar. 17, 2019)
Organizational structure Notable employees include Colin Devorae and Cece Yew
Affiliated groups Prosecutor's offices in various countries
Von Karma family
Police department
Gatewater Group
Cohdopian smuggling ring
Notable dates 2009: KG-8 Incident / Amano Group scandal
Mar. 13, 2019: Ernest Amano arrested
Mar. 15, 2019: Quercus Alba arrested
Mar. 17, 2019: Quercus Alba and Ernest Amano tried and convicted in the United States
Status Presumably dissolved

The Amano Group was a company owned by Ernest Amano. It was very large and had many international connections, particularly to law enforcement institutions such as prosecutor's offices and police departments, due to Ernest Amano's friendships with powerful individuals in such institutions such as prosecutor Manfred von Karma and the Los Angeles police chief. The company used these connections to finance a powerful international smuggling ring until Ernest Amano was convicted for his actions on March 17, 2019.


Main article: KG-8 Incident

The smuggling ring used the Amano Group to finance the smuggling ring's operations. However, by the late 2000s decade, the police had become aware of illegal goings-on in the company and raided at least one of its meetings. Their only witness to confirm their suspicions was an employee of the corporation, Cece Yew. However, the smuggling ring sent one of its agents, Manny Coachen, to kill her. Coachen was caught on a security camera with the murder weapon and put on trial for the murder, but the Amano Group returned the smuggling ring's favor by sending some of its own agents to steal the incriminating footage, and so Coachen was found innocent. The company set up Colin Devorae as a scapegoat, and so the Amano Group escaped prosecution. Later, Devorae escaped from prison.


Main article: The Kidnapped Turnabout

In 2019, Ernest Amano's son Lance Amano was kidnapped, and Colin Devorae was found dead in Gatewater Land. An Interpol contingent headed by Shi-Long Lang took over the ensuing investigations of the two events, and the kidnapping was eventually found to have been faked. When Lance himself was implicated as the killer, Ernest tried to obstruct the investigation by buying the scene of the crime from the Gatewater Group and refusing Interpol access. However, the investigation managed to prove its case against Lance, and both were arrested.

Prosecutor Jacques Portsman, another agent of the smuggling ring, tried to take over Amano's trial. However, that night, Portsman was arrested himself after prosecutor Miles Edgeworth found that he had murdered detective Buddy Faith. After that, Amano's interrogation led to the seizure of the video that had gone missing from the KG-8 Incident. The video tape went on to be used by Edgeworth to defeat the smuggling ring's leader, Quercus Alba. Without Alba to protect him, Ernest Amano was tried on March 17, 2019, and prosecutor Edgeworth ensured that he was convicted for his crimes.