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Amara Sigatar Khura'in
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Amara Sigatar Khura'in
I must say, a life dedicated to the servitude of others is not the least bit disagreeable. It is a quiet, humble existence -- far removed from the tedium of regal duties.

Amara Sigatar Khura'in is the former queen of the Kingdom of Khura'in, which she ruled until her assumed death in 2005. She is the mother of Nahyuta Sahdmadhi and Princess Rayfa Padma Khura'in. From 2014 to 2028, she acted as Rayfa's personal aide under the name Nayna.

As the queen of Khura'in[]


Amara and Dhurke in their happier days.

Amara ruled the Kingdom of Khura'in with peace and impartiality. She fell in love with and married Dhurke Sahdmadhi, a defense attorney, and gave birth to their son, Nahyuta. Excelled in both her kindness and immense spiritual power, the people of Khura'in virtually regarded her as a goddess, with some even claiming her to be the reincarnation of the Holy Mother herself. Her channeling ability filled her younger sister Ga'ran with great envy due to her own inability to channel spirits, ultimately resulting in her setting in motion a plan to take the throne for herself.

Assassination attempt[]

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A mural depicting Amara's supposed assassination.

During a performance by foreign musician Jove Justice, Amara was drugged and a fire broke out at her residence, seemingly killing her to the public. However, in reality, she survived, but was coerced to stay hidden by Ga'ran, and allowed her younger sister to ascend to the throne. When the blame for the fire was pinned on Dhurke, she believed the story because of her love and trust in her sister, growing angry at her husband for believing he planned to take her life.

As she was believed deceased, a large tomb was built on the ground where her residence once stood, complete with murals depicting her life and an empty sarcophagus which was believed to contain her body.

On the run with Dhurke[]


Holding baby Rayfa.

Following her supposed death, Amara was kept under house arrest in Ga'ran Palace until her husband Dhurke, now a revolutionary on the run, found her. Although she was wary of him, her love for him proved greater than her anger, and they fled together. For several months, Amara and Dhurke lived together high in the mountains peacefully and had a child, Rayfa Padma Khura'in. Their happiness did not last, however, as the Ga'ran regime soon found the two, and Amara was taken back to the palace, along with Rayfa.

In hiding[]

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Rayfa and Nayna

Removing Rayfa's robe prior to the Dance of Devotion.

For the next fourteen years, Amara disguised herself as an elderly woman named Nayna to protect herself from further assassination attempts. In her disguise, she would go on to act as a personal aid and tutor to her daughter, Rayfa, who grew up believing that Ga'ran and her husband, Justice Minister Inga Karkhuul Khura'in, were her real parents. With Ga'ran mostly busy with ruling the country, Amara, in the guise of Nayna, raised Rayfa. Amara would often come at Rayfa's request, and do mundane tasks such as removing her daughter's cloak and staff or informing her about certain subjects about which the young girl had limited knowledge.

The minister's murder[]

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Amara Sigatar Khura'in
I feel as if I have been called back from the Twilight Realm. I fear I have caused all of you a great deal of distress. O ho ho ho ho.

Posing as Ga'ran during the Rite of Channeling.

On May 18, 2028, shortly after Amara performed the Rite of Channeling for a neighboring kingdom at 2 p.m. while disguised as Ga'ran, she was forced by her sister into covering up a crime — Ga'ran had murdered her own husband and proceeded to use Rayfa's safety to blackmail Amara into tampering with the scene to frame Dhurke, who was to visit the tomb at 3 p.m. for a hostage exchange with Inga. In reality, Dhurke himself was already dead and being channeled by Maya Fey. Amara was to channel Inga, so that Rayfa would witness him heading into the tomb, creating the impression that he was still alive up until Dhurke arrived.

In her disguise as Nayna, Amara went to Inga's private quarters after the rite, having her hat stolen by a dog on the way. Once inside the minister's room, she dressed in his clothes and channeled his spirit. As planned, Inga rushed to the tomb for the hostage exchange, unaware of his own death. After he had gone inside, Amara stopped channeling him, burned his clothes in one of the tomb's incense burners, and hid herself behind the curtain to wait for Dhurke.

Once Dhurke arrived, Amara used a Magatama of Parting to exorcise his spirit from Fey's body. Exhausted from channeling Dhurke's spirit for several days, Fey lost consciousness, after which Amara dressed her in acolyte clothes that she had prepared, tied her to a chair, and dressed herself in Dhurke's clothes, smearing Inga's blood on them. She then picked up the knife that had taken Inga's life and channeled Dhurke's spirit just as Ga'ran's guards stormed the tomb, making it appear as if he had been caught in the act of committing the murder.

Dhurke was arrested for the murder and remained in Amara's body until halfway through his trial the following day. By the time he left, his defense attorney Apollo Justice — who happened to also be his foster son, having been raised by Dhurke during the years when he and Amara were separated — had already all but figured out "Nayna's" involvement in the crime and the fact that she was a spirit medium. Still in her guise as the elderly woman, Amara was summoned to the witness stand, and Justice soon uncovered her identity, forcing her to reveal her true self.

Justice accused Amara of the murder and proved her presence in the tomb with her pendant, which she had dropped at the scene, covered in Inga's blood. Upon being told that Dhurke had lied about the pendant in order to protect her, Amara realized that his love for her had never wavered and recanted her testimony against him. Unable to reveal the truth due to Ga'ran's blackmail and fearing for her daughter's safety, Amara confessed to the murder, but Rayfa intervened and convinced Justice not to let the trial end there.

Realizing that something was not right, Justice figured out the truth behind the Rite of Channeling by revealing a burn scar Amara received from when her residence burned down. This proved that not only did Amara have an alibi for the time of the crime, but that Ga'ran's alibi was a fabrication. Before Amara could reveal the truth, she was shot in the stomach by one of Ga'ran's guards and immediately rushed to a hospital, Ga'ran denied any involvement but Justice didn't believe her at all. Luckily, the bullet did not hit any vital organs, so Amara survived the ordeal despite originally only getting a fifty percent chance. After Justice succeeded in proving Ga'ran's guilt and the fact she had no claim to the throne, Amara would go on to help Rayfa rule the country until she was capable of channeling spirits.



As herself


As Nayna

Amara is a merciful and wise queen. She is very polite and kind to a fault, even against her adversaries. Even though she would often state that Dhurke had tricked her with his "silver tongue," she truly cared for and loved him, despite initially believing that he intended to kill her. She places her trust in her family above all else, and would go to the ends of the earth to protect them. However, when angered, she would become quite frightening, scaring many people into pleading for forgiveness.

As Nayna, she was ready and willing to help Rayfa at a moment's notice, portraying herself as an old woman with a sharp tongue. She had many sayings and mannerisms (such as calling people nincompoops) that Rayfa inherited from her.


Amara has long lavender hair, some of which is tied in a single hoop with a blue ribbon and a pink lotus flower on top, green eyes, and red tattoos on her face and a dot on her forehead. On her chest is a burn scar from her arson attack. As Nayna, she piled up her hair with purple ribbons, covered her tattoos, and somehow looked older with more brown-ish eyes.

Amara wears a lavender dress with flowing sleeves and a golden flower design around her chest, a red ribbon around her lower waist, a pink shrug outlined in blue with a red and gold design, and a red amulet with several pictures of the Holy Mother attached to the shawl with two green flowers made from gems. The amulet breaks into flames after Apollo revealed she had an alibi for Inga's murder. She wears gold cuffs on her wrists.

As Nayna, she wears an orange and red outfit resembling a kimono with dark cyan and lavender layers under it and a purple band around the waist. Only the lavender layer seems to have sleeves. She also wears a purple blanket over her shoulders, purple fingerless gloves, purple shoes, brown glasses, a necklace with a white spikes and a Magatama, and carries around a cane. She wears a large gold headdress.


  • Amara Sigatar Khura'in (アマラ・シガタール・クライン, Amara Shigatāru Kurain):
    • "Amara" (Sanskrit: अमर) is a name meaning "immortal". This may be a reference to her surviving two attempts on her life (although the first was not meant to kill her).
  • Her alias, "Baaya" (バアヤ), is a title meaning "granny."
  • Her English alias "Nayna" comes from her Japanese alias, in this case, it means "Nanny". Nayna might be an anagram of the word Nanay, which means "Mother" in Tagalog, a Filipino language.


  • Like the Holy Mother, Amara's design appears to be based on Guanyin, an East Asian Bodhisattva associated with compassion and is commonly known as the Goddess of Mercy.
  • Amara bears some similarities to Mimi Miney. Both were presumed deceased after incidents involving fires, both received burns from the incidents, and both at some point disguised themselves as their respective younger sisters. She can also be compared to Misty Fey, as they were both holding supreme spiritual power thus making their sisters jealous of them. They also took on new identities to hide their true selves from the world. Amara is also similar to Iris in that both were accomplices of their respective sisters, both impersonated said sisters, both were the lovers of a defense attorney that wore blue and both were suspected of being the murderers.