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"Ami" redirects here. You might be looking for "Amy Marsh", the name given to Ami Aizawa in the unofficial English fan patch for Ace Attorney Investigations 2: Prosecutor's Gambit.

Maya Fey
...Mystic Ami. She's a Legendary Spirit Medium.

Ami Fey was the founder of the Fey clan and the inventor of the Kurain Channeling Technique, which uses spiritual powers to communicate with the dead.

The legend[]

According to legend, the Fey clan was originally known for its services to the gods. Ami Fey was born in the Kingdom of Khura'in, and said to have been given a certain fate through her name since she was named after Amitābha, the principal buddha in Pure Land Buddhism. She went on to live up to this name by creating the Kurain Channeling Technique, a method of communicating with the dead whereby the spirit medium takes on the physical appearance of the spirit being channeled and bringing the technique to Japan, and then her descendants brought it to Kurain Village in the United States. She went on to use her spiritual powers to summon the spirits of the dead for the benefit of humans.

Sacred Urn 1

The Sacred Urn in 2017.

Upon her death, her soul was said to have been sealed in a Sacred Urn with "AMI" written on it. This urn came to be the most precious treasure of Kurain Village, the home of the Fey family, and usually sits in the Winding Way in Fey Manor. The Fey family believes that as long as Ami Fey's spirit is inside the urn, the spiritual power of the Fey family will continue. Female descendants of Ami Fey generally inherit the technique with varying degrees of strength.[1]

The Sacred Urn[]

Main article: Sacred Urn
Sacred Urn 2

The Sacred Urn in 2018.

Unfortunately, the Sacred Urn of Ami Fey has had a less than uneventful life. It has been smashed to pieces and glued back together in at least three separate instances. The first known occasion was by Mia Fey and Maya Fey as children. The second time was by Pearl Fey, whilst playing with her ball in the Winding Way, and the third incident was when Adrian Andrews accidentally dropped it when various items from Kurain Village were on display at Lordly Tailor. Sometime before early 2028, the urn made its way into Dr. Archie Buff's hands, where it was kept in his home in Kurain Village.

The statue at Hazakura Temple[]

Ami Fey Statue

The Ami Fey statue at Hazakura Temple with the body of Misty Fey.

There is also a golden life-sized statue of Ami Fey in the Hazakura Temple courtyard that holds the seven-branched sword Shichishito. This statue was featured along with the Sacred Urn at Lordly Tailor and was once used to cover a stain. Later on, Iris used the Shichishito to impale the corpse of Misty Fey in order to make the Hazakura Temple courtyard look like the crime scene of her murder, and to make Ami Fey's statue's sword look like the murder weapon. The statue, like the urn, made its way into Dr. Buff's possession.


  • Japanese - Kyōko Ayasato (綾里供子):
    • For her name, if the kanji for "Kyōko (供子)" are reversed, it spells "kodomo (子供)" which means "child".
    • The "aya" in her surname may come from "ayashii", which means "unhappy".
    • The "sato" in her surname may come from the word for "village" or "home country".
  • English - Ami Fey:
    • "Ami" is apparently named after Amitābha, the principal buddha in Pure Land Buddhism. The name "Ami" may also have been chosen so it could be rearranged into "I AM" when Pearl broke the Sacred Urn. "Ami" is also an anagram of "Mia" as in Mia Fey, the name of one of her descendants.
    • "Fey" comes from the word "fey" which can mean "magical", "fairy-like", "strange", "otherworldly" or "spellbound". It may also come from Morgan le Fay, the sorceress from the legend of King Arthur.
    • Other than Pearl Fey, Ami is the only spirit-medium Fey clan member whose name doesn't start with "M" in all non-Japanese versions of the Ace Attorney games. She is, however, the only known main family member with a name that does not begin with "M".


  • Brazilian Portuguese - Ida Sato: [2]
    • "Ida" comes from the Greek Ίδε [Íde], or from the Latin Ida. It can mean "someone from the forest" or "working woman". It was used as a reference to the Buddhist goddess Amida. Ida was also the nymph who nursed the Greek god Zeus as a child.
    • "Sato" is a common Japanese surname in Brazil, as well as being an abbreviation of the original Japanese surname (Ayasato).


  • Having died long before any of the cases in the Ace Attorney series, Ami Fey does not actually appear in-game. She appears in the court record as a figure with her features hidden in shadow, likely to provide her with an air of mystery.
  • She is also by far the oldest character to appear in the court record to date (albeit deceased), with the next oldest being Bruto Cadaverini, who is also an off-screen character.


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