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Ami Aizawa was a diplomat working for the American embassy in Zheng Fa who later worked for the Happy Family Home orphanage. She was the birth mother of Shimon Aizawa.

Presidential relations

Ami met Zheng Fa's President Teikun Ō as part of her job. In their first meeting, the president gave her a bouquet of lion lilies. This ultimately resulted in a relationship that led to her becoming pregnant with their child. After that, she left her job and returned to the United States. She had secured a new job at the Happy Family Home by the time she gave birth to her son, whom she named Shimon.

The meeting that never was

Main article: SS-5 Incident

Ami sent a message to Ō telling him about their son's birth. She told him to meet her at the Happy Family Home on February 9, 2007. This message was stored in a Borumosu toy that doubled as an audio recording device. The president made it to the appointed place, but Ami had noticed someone stalking her and decided to cancel their meeting.

One of President Ō's body doubles had learned about Ami and the meeting, and used this opportunity to have the president assassinated so that he could take his place. However, a photographer named Ryūji Kamei witnessed the body being taken away, and sent a phone message to his girlfriend about it, mistaking it for a kidnapping. The body double killed Kamei and decided to stage a kidnapping to fit with the message. The presidential imposter stayed away from Ami, knowing that the existence of her son was a threat to the cover-up that he had engineered.

The secret revealed

Ami died seven years later, and her cousin Hakari Mikagami adopted Shimon. The secret relationship with Teikun Ō, and thus the fact that he had been replaced by a double, remained hidden for five years after that, until the body double was killed in April 2019. This helped to set off a chain of events leading to Miles Edgeworth discovering the truth behind the "kidnapping". Shimon then contemplated murdering Ryōken Hōinbō, the man who murdered his father 12 years ago, but understanding that this would only cause further pain to his friends and adoptive mother, relented. Later, Shimon bought three lion lilies, one for his adoptive mother, and two in his birth parents' memory.


Ami's love of children led her to her job at Happy Family Home. She had such a close relationship with her cousin Hakari Mikagami, that the pair viewed each other almost as sisters.


  • Her name in the unofficial English fan patch of Gyakuten Kenji 2 is "Amy Marsh".
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