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The Angel's Recipe Book was a piece of evidence in Gregory and Miles Edgeworth's respective investigations into the murder of Pierre Hoquet. A "recipe book" filled with procedures for developing experimental drugs not yet available to the general public, it includes both curative medicines and deadly poisons in its contents.

Developed by the Master Group, the book was inherited by Jeffrey Master after the death of his parents. Master, having dedicated his life to cooking rather than drug development, intended to offer it as the grand prize for his Great Dessert Contest. Following Master's arrest for the murder of Pierre Hoquet, the Master Group confiscated the recipe book, but it was eventually reclaimed by Master's adoptive daughter, Katherine Hall18 years later.

Although the book itself was worth a fortune at the time of the Great Dessert Contest, most of the recipes within were released commercially to the public in the following years, thereby greatly reducing its value.


The "Angel's Recipe" reportedly contained information on possible cures for hypogeusia and ageusia, two disorders that result in a loss of the ability to taste. It also contained a description of the Megatoxin X insecticide, where it is mentioned that mixing it with normallium would produce a toxic gas known as fatallium.

Dover's murder[]

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The front cover of the Angel's Recipe Book.

The prospect of winning the Angel's Recipe Book attracted the attention of multiple individuals, most notably Isaac Dover, who wished to sell it for a high price, Dane Gustavia, who wanted it to cure his ageusia, and the Master Group, who decided to send one of their own, Delicia Scones, to retrieve it. All three entered the contest and successfully made it to the finals. However, unbeknownst to Master, Gustavia and Dover had been cooperating while Scones had been cheating with the help of Katherine Hall.

On the day of the finals, Dover betrayed Gustavia and left him to make his dessert alone. Desperate for the cure, Gustavia decided to take a photo of the Angel's Recipe to obtain the cure for his ageusia. However he was caught by Dover, who threatened to expose Gustavia's secret ailment. This resulted in a violent altercation that ended with Gustavia killing Dover.

Later, after discovering that Master had hypogeusia, Gregory Edgeworth received the book from Hall and added it to his court record. The book was later taken by the Master Group after the apparent resolution of the case, with Master being falsely convicted.

Gustavia's poisoning[]

Main article: The Inherited Turnabout

Almost 20 years after the IS-7 Incident, Hall bought back both the book and Master's mansion. She then used the book to set up a poison gas trap after finding Dover's body in one of his sculptures. This was done in order to expose the true culprit of the IS-7 Incident and call for a retrial of the case. She used the book to learn about normallium and fatallium, both of which were used to set up the trap.

After deducing the existence of a link between the IS-7 Incident and the attempted poisoning, Miles Edgeworth received the book from Raymond Shields alongside other IS-7 evidence.