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Another Visit

Concern yourselves not with who I am... but rather... with what you will now become!

"Episode 3: Another Visit" is the third special episode for Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. The main characters return to Labyrinthia to meet up with Darklaw and the Storyteller and find out more about their true personalities. They also discuss the game's potential sales figures, intentionally overestimating them compared to global sales figures of the Professor Layton games.

The odd pair[]

Maya Fey, Luke Triton, Espella Cantabella and Phoenix Wright returned to Labyrinthia to see what had become of it. Cantabella explained that the townspeople were living their lives about the same as they had been living them. They were reintroduced to Eve Belduke, who was nervous because apparently five million people would be watching them. Wright was not sure of how accurate that figure would be, however.

Arthur Cantabella also greeted them. He and Espella explained that Belduke was rather shy, and would only gain confidence by putting on the Great Witch persona and saying dramatic lines. Belduke repeated the line that she had given prior to using the Goldor spell on Layton. The Professor then told her not to expect him to do an "award statue pose" again.

Arthur had gone through with the surgery, but not without some resistance on his part. He had written a story to cope with the process, which was inside the Historia Labyrinthia:

The famous surgeon... and his brave patient. The operation was performed with unwavering purpose and outstanding confidence. Waking from a sweet anaesthesia dream, the patient felt no pain, nor the slightest discomfort - the operation was over. The post-operative recovery was truly miraculous - so rapid that the patient was able to leave hospital ten days early.

The hospital food was wonderful, with its exquisite flavours and copious nourishment. What will it be tonight? Curry, or steak? And for dessert, a black espresso, accompanied by... a deliciously lip-smacking taramisu, with an abundance of rich, creamy mascarpone. ...A totally tantalising taramisu treat. Coffee... sponge fingers... chocolate!

Arthur said that the hospital did not serve taramisu, but nonetheless, writing stories gave him the strength to face the future. Layton was reminded of a puzzle, saying that dreams could be realized by reassembling the pieces. Triton then found another story after Arthur's, written by Belduke:

A new adventure is unfolding... Following her heart-rending part as the Great Witch in Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Eve gained popularity rumoured to be close to that of even Espella. And so, she was ready for a role of even greater importance. Who could resist such a potential business opportunity? And so, a brave team gathered for a brave new project.

The Great Witch Eve's Magical Adventure

Co-starring: Espella "Bezella" Cantabella and Zack "the Iron Fist" Barnham.

Available via download only. ...At more than reasonable pricing.

Five million downloads and counting! Reviews rave: "Five out of five stars!" Handheld gaming's latest star eclipses all her rivals. Professor who? Phoenix what?

Special gallery quotes[]

Red Riding Hood Espella[]

"One of the first designs of Espella. It was suggested that the game world would be like a fairy tale. The hood was supposed to give Espella a medieval look."

Young Lady Espella[]

"As Espella was getting new face designs, we put an emphasis on her silhouette, to make her easily recognisable. She's drawn here as a prison runaway, hence the chain."

Espella in Cape[]

"When we decided on the witch trial theme, Espella's design was based on Red Riding Hood and Jeanne d'Arc. The gauntlet was covering the brand marking her as a witch."

Espella - Final[]

"The final design! These are also the drafts for the cutscenes. We were told to remove her gauntlet, as it made her like a warrior. The rest is unchanged from the previous draft."

Espella's Expressions[]

"Espella's expressions for the cutscenes with my comments about the details of her presentation. We wanted to make the transition from cutscenes to 3D model smooth."