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Kuro is a large black dog that acts not only a guide dog to the blind assassin Ryōken Hōinbō, but also as a weapon during his assassinations.



  • Despite having a dog himself, Miles Edgeworth seems uncapable of dealing with Kuro, due to the dog's personality, who only respects his owner (as Regina Berry said). It is also said that Miles Edgeworth and Kuro have the same kind of icy glare.
  • Kuro is, however, fond of Sōta Sarushiro, maybe due the fact that Sarushiro was saved by him as a kid, maybe because of Sarushiro's strong ability to "domesticate" everyone he meets.
  • Assuming that the "Kuro" who helped rescue Sōta Sarushiro and Manosuke Naitō during the IS-7 Incident was the same dog seen in the game's present-day segment, this would make him at least 18 years old. Such longevity is exceptionally rare in dogs, particularly larger breeds, though not entirely unheard of.

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