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Apollo Justice: Asinine Attorney

Apollo Justice
...but when I heard a princess would be visiting... I imagined she'd be as gentle and kind as "Your Benevolence" suggests.

Apollo Justice: Asinine Attorney is the second "what-if" short story scenario in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice, only released as DLC on the Nintendo 3DS version. Apollo Justice and Klavier Gavin accompany Princess Rayfa Padma Khura'in on a trip to the United States, but when Rayfa wishes to stay in the country another day, her requests are denied. In response, she goes to the courthouse to testify about what she would like to see. To this end, Justice ends up calling Athena Cykes and Trucy Wright for help.

Rayfa's dream destination[]

While Athena Cykes has the day off, Apollo Justice, a defense attorney at the Wright Anything Agency, has been requested by his boss Phoenix Wright to show Khura'inese princess Rayfa Padma Khura'in around the United States. Also showing her around is prosecutor Klavier Gavin, who is getting paid for it because it is "official business". After witnessing a trial (upon which she comments that it is vastly different when compared to the more "solemn" trials of Khura'in), she reveals that she wishes to extend her stay so that she can visit her "dream destination", a location she saw on TV. She then presents Justice with various brochures she picked up at the airport. Gavin calls Khura'inese justice minister Inga Karkhuul Khura'in to let him know of her intentions. He denies the request however, as Rayfa is needed back in Khura'in to perform her judicial duties. In order to determine whether she can stay or not, she re-enters the courtroom, demanding Justice to stand at the defense's bench and Gavin at the prosecutor's bench.

Although the presiding judge is initially shocked, he soon allows such a mock trial. Rayfa then testifies about her dream destination. Justice initially suggests that the dream destination is Nine-Tails Vale. To show Rayfa, he calls Cykes, who happens to be there with Jinxie Tenma, by video phone. However, Rayfa expresses disinterest in this location. Upon further cross-examination, Justice suggests Penrose Theater, calling Trucy Wright to show them its exterior. While touring the outside of the theater, Miles Edgeworth briefly appears, claiming to have come to watch the show (although only a rehearsal was being performed). When told this, he says he has "pressing business" to attend to, dropping a Steel Samurai poster as he leaves. Rayfa is disinterested in this destination too however, expressing fear at seeing magic tricks. After further thought Justice concludes that Rayfa's dream destination is the fictional Steel Samurai world. Upon hearing this, she becomes disappointed. Justice cheers her up however, saying that America has many places for tourists to go to.

Happy, Rayfa invites the entire courthouse to go sightseeing with her, promising to cover all necessary expenses. The episode ends with Edgeworth returning to the Penrose Theater, wondering where he dropped the Steel Samurai poster.


  • Rayfa will compare the United States' trials to sports events, possibly referencing how, in the film, tickets were sold to trials as if they were sporting events.
  • Nine-Tails Vale appears along with Jinxie Tenma, making their first appearances since The Monstrous Turnabout. Jinxie discusses the events of the case with Justice, with her and Cykes making reference to how she believed he was a red demon.
  • When watching a fire related trick in Trucy's promo video, Gavin comments how he is "less than comfortable with seeing stuff burn". This is a reference to his guitar catching on fire during the events of Turnabout Serenade.
  • A piece of evidence received detailing popular tourist destinations is a pamphlet for the Cosmos Space Center from The Cosmic Turnabout and Turnabout for Tomorrow.
  • While talking about a behind-the-scenes documentary Rayfa saw about the Steel Samurai, she mentions a big, lion-looking man talking, referencing actor Will Powers, who played the original Steel Samurai.
  • In the bad ending, Justice mentions that income at the Gateway Hotel across the street from the office took a nosedive. This is presumably a mistranslated reference to the Gatewater Hotel.