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Archie Buff was an archaeologist and former archaeology professor who was murdered in the struggle over ownership of a priceless artifact known as the "Founder's Orb".

The arson attack[]

Prior to moving to Kurain Village, the Buff's home was targeted by an arsonist. Although Archie himself was seemingly unharmed, the blaze resulted in the death of his wife and severe injuries to Armie, his daughter, that left her wheelchair-bound, pyrophobic, and agoraphobic.

Moving to Kurain[]

Archie subsequently moved to Kurain Village with Armie, who had become a shut-in. He received a number of Kurain and Khura'inese artifacts for study during his time at the village from a local politician called Paul Atishon, including the Founder's Orb. Archie also found a network of caves under Mt. Mitama, a mountain between Kurain Village and the sea.


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The crime scene as found by the police.

After discovering that the Founder's Orb had been stolen from Khura'in, Archie refused to give it to either Atishon or the Defiant Dragons, instead hiding it in one of the caves he had discovered. During a meeting in his study with Datz Are'bal, a representative of the Defiant Dragons, the two men got into an argument that ended with Are'bal storming out, leaving behind his heavy suitcase in the process.

Refusing to allow the professor to get in the way of his ambitions, Atishon secretly returned to the Buff's home and pushed Are'bal's suitcase from the first floor onto Archie's head below, killing him. Although Atishon attempted to make the professor's death look like an accident by burying his body in a pile of books, then frame Are'bal, Apollo Justice was able to prove his guilt in court, and thus Atishon was arrested.




Archie Buff frequently stole artifacts in order to study them, although he would return them to their rightful place after he was done with them. He appears to have been very caring and protective of his daughter.


  • Japanese - Fumiaki Sanagi (佐奈樹 文明):
    • "Sanagi" (佐奈樹), his Japanese surname, comes from "sanagi" (蛹), which means "pupa"; this could be a reference to his daughter's sheltered upbringing.
    • The kanji for "Fumiaki" (文明) can also be read as "bunmei," meaning "civilization". This is likely a reference to his study of ancient civilizations as an archaeologist.
  • English - Archie Buff:
    • His full English name is a play on "archaeology buff".
  • French - Archie Déterre:
    • His french surname, "Déterre", means "to unearth", in reference to his job as an archaeologist. It can also sound like "de terre" ("of land"), which is used for his daughter's French play on words.
    • His full French name "Archie Déterre" is a perfect homophone for "archi déter", a French slang phrase meaning "extremely determined".
  • German - Archie Kenner:
    • His German surname, "Kenner", means "connoisseur", referencing his expertise in his occupation.
  • Chinese - Zuǒnàishù Wénmíng (佐奈樹 文明)