Ace Attorney core series equivalent: Trial
Lang Argument

An example of an argument.

Arguments are gameplay phases in Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth and Gyakuten Kenji 2 that are equivalent to the cross-examinations during trials in the core Ace Attorney series. During argument sections, the protagonist confronts a suspect, person of interest, witness, or rival investigator, and questions them in order to acquire more information for their investigation. Rival investigators generally put "arguments" forward, while witnesses submit "testimonies", but the difference is merely cosmetic as the two function in an identical manner. The player then has an opportunity to give a "rebuttal", in which they press on certain statements or present evidence contradicting the argument or testimony. Each testimony or argument consists of multiple statements, and on each one, the player can either press it for more information or present evidence to contradict it.

Incorrect inferences incur a penalty on the "truth gauge". If the penalty bar is depleted, the truth becomes irretrievable, and the game ends in defeat.