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Asinine Attorney: England is the the second short story scenario in The Great Ace Attorney 2: Resolve. It happens after The Adventure of the Unspeakable Story. Iris Wilson is arrested allegedly stealing Barok van Zieks' cup. Since Naruhodo was banned from practicing law, Herlock Sholmes is the defense attorney.

Before the Trial[]

Iris was arrested for sneaking into Barok's office and stealing one of his most prized possessions: an old cup. However, as Naruhodo is still on probation after the events of 1-5, they enlist the help of Herlock, who will stand in court as the defense attorney while Naruhodo helps as his assistant. Iris was witnessed walking out of Barok's office three days ago by both Barok himself and by Gregson, who noted she was carrying a small package. Iris herself doesn't remember too much about the package other than she wasn't carrying one when she returned to 221B.