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At the Market

Espella Cantabella
I'm sure the developers put a lot of thought into the names they came up with.

"Episode 5: At the Market" is the fifth special episode for Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. The main characters continue their return tour of Labyrinthia with a visit to the marketplace, where they discuss the effort that went into the names of the characters in the town.

Marketplace investigation[]

Luke Triton, Maya Fey, Phoenix Wright, Hershel Layton and Espella Cantabella visited the marketplace, where they met Mary, Kira and Knightle. Kira had lost her glasses yet again; they had a pure-gold frame with diamond lenses, so they did not come cheap. Fey suggested that Kira had dropped them in the milk bucket again, making a "sploosh" sound. However, the milk bucket was missing as well.

Knightle, meanwhile, had changed his name yet again, to Ignitely, to express his burning heart. He felt that his original name lacked imagination, leading to a discussion with Cantabella, Mary and Kira on how lazy, factually incorrect (in some cases), obvious and contrived their names were. Layton quipped that he had heard that the trial in which they had all participated had actually been the first scenario made for the game, and that these names were placeholder names that had stuck. Wright found this familiar, having encountered many people with obvious pun names throughout his career, as well as his own second case being the first scenario written for his first game.

Their discussion caught the attention of Emeer Punchenbaug, who complained about having a name that sounded so similar to the spell Amere. Fey noticed that he was still wearing expensive jewelery, and accused him of stealing things and pawning them off again. Punchenbaug claimed that elves were helping him, but it turned out that he had stolen Mary's milk bucket, which she had been using as a paint bucket, and Kira's glasses. Kira went to get her glasses back, but Layton doubted that a man named Price would simply return them for free.

Special gallery quotes[]

Darklaw Concept Art 1[]

"We submitted a lot of Darklaw's designs to director Takumi for approval. We adopted a process of elimination, so the first designs were multifarious..."

Darklaw Concept Art 2[]

"I had my own favourite, too. This is the design I liked the most. It's different from the first drafts, but it's still quite rough."

Darklaw - Dark Version[]

"Finally, we went for the themes of a mourning dress, witchcraft, black cat and leather armour to stress her role as the Shades' leader. She was originally an assassin, too."

Inquisitor Darklaw - Final[]

"This design of Darklaw as the High Inquisitor was made a long time after the dark version. She uses the same gauntlets when she appears as the Great Witch."

Darklaw's Expressions[]

"I drew the middle bottom face thinking that I'd love to see that in the anime cutscnes. It's also my favourite of Darklaw's expressions."

Eve the Cat (2012-02-27)[]

"The original idea was that the other Eve would not really exist - only Espella would see her - but it was so sad, and I'm glad that in the end, she was given the shape of a cat."


  • The purple smoke from the explosion during Phoenix Wright's and Luke Triton's investigation of the marketplace is still there. Unlike other out-of-place reuses of content from the main game, this goes unnoticed by the characters.
  • Knightle changing his name to Whatley after the explosion is from optional dialogue, but is taken as having happened in this episode.
  • Although Layton's explanation for the characters' names applies to the original Japanese names, the English localization names were chosen in order to have the same obvious puns and meanings.