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Athena Cykes
I've always wanted to bring analytical psychology into the courtroom. The power of psychology will bring a breath of fresh air to the legal system.

Athena Cykes is a defense attorney working under Phoenix Wright at the Wright Anything Agency. She is a specialist in analytical psychology, which she studied in Europe. She has highly sensitive hearing and has the special ability to pick up subtle emotions from witnesses' voices, which she can then examine using a program called the "Mood Matrix". The Mood Matrix is linked to her AI partner Widget, who hangs around her neck and changes color with her emotions.

Early life

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As a child wearing headphones.

Along with her mother, Dr. Metis Cykes, Athena lived at the Cosmos Space Center as a child. The employees there affectionately referred to her as "princess", and she in turn viewed them as family. However, she was very withdrawn, mostly due to her strengthened hearing ability being so pronounced that it gave her sensory overload when around large groups of people. Due to this, Athena often avoided others and missed many days of school. Athena did manage to bond with a schoolmate named Juniper Woods, who would also often miss school due to her poor health.

Athena's Headphones

The headphones Metis and Aura made for her.

Metis spent much of her time working. She and her research partner, Aura Blackquill, made specialized headphones for Athena to wear, particularly when she had to go out in public. Athena hated having to wear them because they were heavy and uncomfortable, and they seemingly gave her horrible headaches. Unable to grasp her mother's explanation of the headphones, Athena felt that she was being seen as a mere test subject.[2] Seven years would pass before Athena found out that the headphones were actually sound-dampening; they emitted sound frequencies that nullified emotional inputs, and that their long-term effect was to rein in her sensitive hearing enough so that she could lead a more normal life.

Athena also grew close to the facility robots Clonco and Ponco that Metis had created, with the young Athena considering them part of her extended family. However, her sheltered upbringing left her oblivious to the finer differences between humans and robots. If one of the robots suffered from a malfunction, she would try and treat it like she would a human, by wrapping it in bandages. Conversely, when Metis would repair the robots using the disassembly table located in the robotics lab, Athena believed it would work on humans too, and often asked her mother if she could be "fixed" there when she was hurt, although her requests were always denied.

"Fixing" her mother


Standing beside her mother's corpse.

On October 7, 2020, Athena went to see her mother in the robotics lab in order to show her a drawing she had recently finished. When she arrived, however, she stumbled upon an intruder dressed in Metis's Noh mask and space center jacket, with the bloody body of her recently murdered mother beside him. In a panic, Athena grabbed a utility knife and stabbed the man in the right hand. The masked man's blood splattered onto a moon rock. The intruder retaliated by kicking her, which knocked her unconscious, before fleeing the scene. After she came to, Athena tried to wake her mother. In her childlike state of denial and still not quite understanding the difference between humans and robots, she had Ponco move Metis to the robot disassembly table, thinking the machinery would be able to "fix" her like it did the robots.

At that moment, Prosecutor Simon Blackquill, Metis's student and Aura's brother, arrived. Athena, covered in blood from the ordeal, explained to him — with a smile and a "far-off look in her eyes," as Prosecutor Blackquill would later recall — what she intended to do. Prosecutor Blackquill, thinking that Athena had killed her own mother, used the murder weapon, Metis's katana, to forcibly dismantle Ponco, before removing Athena and the pieces of the robot from the lab, accidentally leaving a headphone-shaped blood imprint on his clothes. By the time Athena had returned to the Center, Prosecutor Blackquill had been arrested for Metis's murder.

5-1 Young Athena Testifies

At the witness stand during Prosecutor Blackquill's trial.

Prosecutor Blackquill's trial was held soon afterwards. Athena tried to speak out in his defense, saying "his heart is screaming that he didn't kill her," but was ignored because no one understood what she meant. Prosecutor Blackquill pleaded guilty and was soon convicted, leaving Athena traumatized by the ordeal and causing her to repress many of her memories of that day. After the incident, Athena stopped going to school; she lost touch with Juniper Woods as well, though the two would later start exchanging letters. At this point, she had stopped wearing the headphones, being seen without them while testifying on Prosecutor Blackquill's behalf, presumably because they had been submitted to the police as evidence.

After the trial, Athena went to Europe to live with her relatives, taking with her two gifts that her mother had given her: Widget and a small piece of moon rock made into a necklace. She later came to wear Widget around her neck instead, and fashioned the moon rock pendant into an earring.[3] She wanted to save Prosecutor Blackquill someday, but did not know how.

Law career

Meeting Wright

Athena first met Phoenix Wright when he was in Europe studying their legal systems. He told her that her psychological abilities could help people. Athena decided not to give up on saving Prosecutor Blackquill. She exercised hard and studied law and psychology.[4] Despite her resentment toward Metis while she was alive, studying psychology made Athena feel closer to her mother. Eventually, she finished her law studies and was invited to join the Wright Anything Agency. She was able to become a lawyer at a young age due to skipping some grades while studying in Europe.

First cases with the agency

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Athena Cykes
I. Already. Told. You! I'm a lawyer assigned to the case!

Investigating Kyubi's murder.

Just prior to her arrival, the Wright Anything Agency was invited to a celebration at Nine-Tails Vale by Trucy Wright's friend, Jinxie Tenma. After the village alderman Rex Kyubi was murdered and Damian Tenma was arrested for the crime, Phoenix Wright met the newly-hired Athena at the airport. However, upon being told about the case, she immediately rushed to Nine-Tails Vale to help.

Upon arriving at the village, a police officer barred Athena's way, telling her that she should be in school, despite her insisting that she was a working defense attorney. When the officer attempted to escort her from the area, she instead threw him bodily through the air, right into an unfortunate bystander who turned out to be her new co-worker Apollo Justice. After this rather awkward introduction, the two attorneys began their investigation with the assistance of Detective Bobby Fulbright. During the subsequent trial, Athena found Simon Blackquill standing at the prosecutor's bench; despite being a convict, he was still allowed to take cases. The Mood Matrix came in handy for finding the sources of Jinxie's fear while she testified. Eventually, Athena and Justice exposed Florent L'Belle as the culprit.


Meeting Orla Shipley and Sasha Buckler.

Athena later assisted in Phoenix Wright's first case after being reinstated as an attorney, in which an orca and then her trainer were accused of killing the owner of the Shipshape Aquarium. It was during the investigation that Athena met Wright's old friend Pearl Fey for the first time.

At the helm

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Juniper Woods
Athena Cykes
Junie! It's good to hear you say that name again.
Anime Athena T-Aca

Announcing her intention to take the case as Woods is arrested.

Months later, Wright was invited to Themis Legal Academy to watch a mock trial set up as part of the school's upcoming festival. Athena and Justice joined him and headed to the school, where Athena met Juniper Woods again, who was studying the judge course at the school and serving as student council president. Only Wright had been given a seat to watch the trial, but he let Justice take it while he and Athena waited elsewhere for Constance Courte, a judicial course teacher at the academy. Although she was supposed to meet Wright before the mock trial, she never showed up. Eventually, Wright and Athena heard a noise and found Courte dead on a stage set up outside. Woods was arrested for her murder after it was found that the way in which the body had been found was almost exactly the same as in the mock trial scenario, which Woods had written.

Athena decided to take on Woods' case, helped by Justice and Klavier Gavin, Justice's old rival. Athena faced Prosecutor Blackquill in court, who led her on for a while as she questioned fellow student Robin Newman, another potential suspect, using the Mood Matrix to cause Newman to admit that she was a girl. Prosecutor Blackquill then presented an incriminating photo, effectively nullifying Athena's arguments, in an attempt to show her the cruel realities of the courtroom. Court was eventually adjourned, and Woods decided to replace Athena with Professor Aristotle Means. However, Athena continued her investigation and eventually convinced Woods to reverse her decision and admit to Athena about the suspicious actions of another student, Hugh O'Conner.

The next day, Athena determined that O'Conner was not the killer, and brought Means to the stand, as he had faked his alibi. As her cross-examination went on, Means tried to taunt and discourage her, calling her a failure who had almost raised false charges against Newman and O'Conner. Athena went into a state of emotional trauma, visualizing events from her past, but Justice and Woods encouraged her, while O'Conner and Newman reminded her that she had helped them during her cross-examinations. Prosecutor Blackquill also reminded Athena that she had a certain someone to save. With this, Athena snapped out of her traumatic state, rethought the facts of the case, and recreated the way in which Means had hidden the body, sealing his fate for good. After the trial, Gavin and Woods performed a version of "The Guitar's Serenade", which Athena watched with the others in the audience.

Attack on HAT-2 & Courtroom No. 4

Main articles: The Cosmic Turnabout and Turnabout Countdown

Two months later, prior to the day of the HAT-2 rocket launch at the Cosmos Space Center, Athena returned to the Center's Space Museum in order to reconnect with her past. However, her childhood experiences proved too traumatic, and she blacked out. She woke up around noon the next day, dazed and unaware of what had happened, and left the space station alone, where she was caught on camera. It turned out that, during her time spent unconscious, the launch had been sabotaged and an astronaut, Clay Terran, had been murdered.

Terran happened to be Justice's best friend from middle school, so Justice took the case of Solomon Starbuck, the other astronaut who had been with Terran and stood accused of his murder. Athena continued to hide her past and recent visit to the Space Center, not wishing to bring it up with the others. Athena was surprised to find Justice acting strangely towards her, as well as wearing a bandage over one of his eyes. Unbeknownst to her, Justice had perceived that she was hiding something about the case from him. Fearing that Athena was somehow involved in his friend's murder, he had covered his eye to suppress his ability.

Starbuck's first trial day came to a sudden end when Ted Tonate stood up to warn the court that a bomb was about to go off and ordered everyone to evacuate immediately. However, Justice was persistent in solving the case, and refused to leave. Athena had to resort to forcibly dragging him out of the courtroom in order to save him. Just before the bomb went off, Juniper Woods, who had been observing the trial from the gallery, fell and tripped. Justice shielded her from the falling rubble and was injured, while Athena and Prosecutor Blackquill safely left the courtroom. Woods was soon arrested as the prime suspect in the bombing.

Justice decided to take Woods' case after the bombing. However, before the trial, he fainted due to his injuries, so Athena took over for him against prosecutor Gaspen Payne. Payne's evidence against Woods and his taunting eventually got to Athena, and she suffered from another flashback to her mother's murder that caused her to almost mentally shutdown in distress. Just as things looked their bleakest for Athena and Woods, Phoenix Wright arrived to take over the case, causing Athena to snap out of her traumatized state. She assisted Wright in going through Woods' testimony and managed to undermine the prosecution's case. Court was soon adjourned for the day, so Wright, Athena, and Woods decided to check up on Justice, who was looking for more evidence in the ruins of the bombed Courtroom No. 4. However, upon entering the destroyed courtroom, they found him lying on the ground, unconscious, next to a blood-stained piece of rubble.

Athena Cykes Anime

Athena in the courtroom ruins, wondering why Justice was shutting them out.

The following day, Payne attempted to pin Justice's assault on Woods, but Wright and Athena managed to prove that Tonate was the true culprit. Following on from that, they showed that the deceased detective found in the bombed courtroom had been killed by Tonate, due to her finding out that he had been planning to sell the HH-3000 bomb being used as evidence for the trial on the black market. After the trial was resolved and Woods found innocent, the residents of the Wright Anything Agency were shocked when Justice declared that he would be taking a leave of absence, and walked out. A confused Athena was left wondering why he was shutting them out.

Starbuck's trial was later continued in a new courtroom, with Wright proving him innocent when a piece of crucial evidence was found not to have Starbuck's fingerprints on it. However, the victory was short-lived when Detective Fulbright revealed that the fingerprints belonged to Athena. Starbuck was soon acquitted, with Athena being arrested in his place.

Accused of murder

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Athena Cykes
Of course... why didn't it ever occur to me before? If Prosecutor Blackquill is innocent, somebody else had to have been the true culprit. Did I...? Did I... kill my own mother...?

Due to the crucial evidence incriminating her and the security camera footage that caught her leaving the Space Center, Athena was indicted for Terran's murder. At the detention center, she admitted to her presence at the Space Center to Wright, prompting him to continue his investigations there. However, his investigation was interrupted when the Center's robots staged a rebellion and took staff and visitors hostage, including his daughter Trucy.


Athena's black Psyche-Locks.

The hostage-taker was Aura Blackquill, who demanded that the police hand over the "little princess" Athena, but Phoenix gave a counter-proposal: a retrial of Metis's murder case, also known as the UR-1 Incident. Aura enlisted Chief Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth to take the prosecutor's bench. Since all the other courtrooms were in use, Phoenix chose Courtroom No. 4 for the retrial. Aura then designated Athena rather than Simon as the defendant, and this left Athena in a traumatic state as she wondered if she killed her own mother. This manifested itself as five black Psyche-Locks to Phoenix with his magatama.

As the defendant, Athena could initially only watch as Phoenix undermined Aura's theory on how Simon had covered for Athena, then cross-examined Ponco. Simon then took the stand and continued to confess to the murder as he had done for seven years, but with the help of Athena's Mood Matrix, Phoenix was able to uncover the truth of what Simon had seen. Athena again went into shock, unable to comprehend the apparent revelation that she had killed her own mother. As memories returned, she confessed, remembering the blood running down her hands. Phoenix, however, used this information to show that Athena was innocent, since Metis's katana had no blood on the handle. After going over the facts of the case, Phoenix realized that Athena must have stabbed the real killer with a different weapon. This revelation finally caused Athena's black Psyche-Locks to break and allowed her to fully remember what had happened.

As the judge was about to declare Athena innocent, Apollo Justice took to the stand, accusing her of Clay Terran's murder. He admitted that he wanted to believe in Athena's innocence, but his bracelet had reacted when she had lied about not having seen the utility knife that had taken Terran's life. Phoenix pointed out that Athena had stabbed her mother's killer with an identical knife, but Justice went on to present his logic as to why only she could have killed Terran. Phoenix was able to present an alternate theory as to how someone could have committed the crime and safely escaped, and shocked both himself and the rest of the courtroom with his realization that the only other possible culprit was Detective Bobby Fulbright.

The phantom

The Wright Anything Agency was whole once again and took to the defense's bench to bring down Fulbright, whom Phoenix argued was actually an international spy known only as "the phantom", the one responsible for the courtroom bombing and the deaths of Metis and Terran. The attorneys first remembered that Fulbright had been the one who presented the evidence with Athena's fingerprints on it that had led to her arrest, and a proper analysis revealed the prints were actually Terran's. Athena used her Mood Matrix to prove that Fulbright's lack of emotion while talking bore many similarities with a psychological profile that had been made up for the phantom by her mother. Eventually, "Fulbright" was revealed to be an impostor, with the motive behind some of his crimes being to destroy the moon rock that had been stained with his blood.

Wright Anything Trio

Watching the HAT-3 launch.

To prove that the impostor was the phantom, Phoenix finally cornered him with Athena's earring, which was made of a moon rock sample from seven years ago and a geological match to the blood-stained moon rock. The phantom broke down on the stand as he was forced to confront his fear of having his identity revealed, and a hidden sniper (non-fatally) shot him. Athena returned to the defendant's stand and received her "Not Guilty" verdict. Athena would later join Phoenix and Justice in watching Starbuck's ascent into space on the HAT-3 rocket, all the while giving the astronaut encouragement.

Crisis at the Agency

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Anime ApolloAthena T-Mag

With Justice in the audience during the magic show.

The following year, Trucy Wright was accused of murder when fellow performer Manov Mistree died during a rehearsal of one of her magic shows at the Penrose Theater. Athena assisted Justice once again to prove her innocence. During their investigation, they met with Ema Skye, a forensic scientist and acquaintance of Justice and Trucy, and learned that an international prosecutor from the Kingdom of Khura'in, Nahyuta Sahdmadhi, would be prosecuting the case. In the process of their investigation, it became apparent that the producer for Trucy's show, Roger Retinz, held some sort of grudge against the young magician. They also discovered that he had tricked Trucy into signing a contract that, if the magic show were to be canceled in the event that she was found guilty, would result in the Wright Anything Agency being repossessed. However, Justice and Athena were eventually able to prove that Retinz was the true culprit behind Mistree's murder, thereby clearing Trucy's name and saving the Agency.

Alone in court

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A few weeks later, Athena took on a last-minute case involving a murder that had occurred at Kurukuru Tei at Simon Blackquill's request, with Sahdmadhi once again prosecuting. However, this time Athena was alone, as Justice and Trucy were rehearsing magic tricks at the time and Phoenix was abroad in Khura'in, much to Prosecutor Blackquill's chagrin. The defendant was Bucky Whet, head soba chef at the Whet Soba (which Prosecutor Blackquill used to frequent prior to his arrest), who was accused of murdering rakugo master Taifu Toneido.

As the trial began, Athena was wracked with nervousness, as she had never handled a case entirely alone before. Prosecutor's Sahdmadhi's first witness was Prosecutor Blackquill himself, who had discovered the body along with Taifu's two students: Geiru Toneido and Uendo Toneido. After the testimonies of Prosecutor Blackquill and Geiru to the stand, Prosecutor Blackquill joined Athena at the defense's bench as her co-counsel, claiming that he was bored just watching the trial.

During Uendo's subsequent testimony, Athena figured out that the karuta cards discovered at the crime scene that seemingly implicated Whet by spelling out "WHET NO 4" had actually been rearranged, which she accused Uendo of doing. Eventually, she and Prosecutor Blackquill learned that Uendo had dissociative identity disorder, with the cards being rearranged from "OWEN 4TH" to throw off suspicion from his fourth personality. Although Uendo tried to argue that he did not have a fourth personality, Athena and Prosecutor Blackquill worked out that it must only come out if the other three personalities were unavailable, citing the alcohol contained in a sake manjū found at the crime scene as a reason why Uendo would pass out, and postulating that the fourth personality might have killed the victim. With this in mind, Prosecutor Blackquill sent his hawk Taka to obtain sake manjū.

Upon eating the manjū that had been brought back, Uendo quickly became intoxicated and passed out. Now unconscious, his fourth personality, a young child called Owen, came out. During his subsequent testimony, Athena learned that Owen had been at the crime scene during the murder, where he witnessed that the victim had fought back and cut his attacker. However, Prosecutor Sahdmadhi took the opportunity to remind the court that Whet had a bandaged wound above his eye. Athena was stunned and unsure how to proceed, but Prosecutor Blackquill pulled her aside to tell her that she had to go on, even if the odds were stacked against her. Filled with newfound vigour and confidence, she continued her Mood Matrix therapy of Owen, which soon revealed that he had smelt his favorite perfume before passing out. With this new information, she accused Geiru of the murder.

After being brought back to the stand to hear the accusation, Prosecutor Blackquill used his iaijutsu finger strike to pop a balloon she was holding, which revealed a forehead wound under her bangs. Athena went on to prove that the murder weapon was not soba dough, as initially thought, but rather, udon dough, thereby completely bypassing Geiru's soba allergy. Geiru soon broke down and confessed to the crime.

A trip & a wedding

Main article: Turnabout Revolution & Turnabout Time Traveler

Three days after Whet's trial, Athena went to the airport to meet Phoenix, who was returning from his trip to the Kingdom of Khura'in. Unfortunately for Phoenix, however, Athena ended up going to the wrong airport and fell asleep. By the time she returned, Justice was about to face off against Phoenix in a civil trial over an artifact called the Founder's Orb, much to her surprise. It eventually transpired that Phoenix was being blackmailed into taking the case, with his client, Paul Atishon, holding Phoenix's old friend Maya Fey hostage. Nonetheless, Justice managed to prove Atishon guilty of murder and won the trial, although Maya was still missing in Khura'in.

Ema, Maya and Athena

Preparing to catch Ellen Wyatt's bridal bouquet.

Phoenix, Edgeworth, Justice, and Athena then traveled to Khura'in in order to find and rescue Maya. Although she assisted Justice in his investigation, she was told before Dhurke Sahdmadhi's trial to stay behind for her safety. After the trial's resolution, Justice chose to stay in Khura'in in order to help rebuild the country's legal system. Upon the rest of the group's return to the United States, Trucy, now in need of a new magician's assistant, set her sights on Athena, much to the latter's dismay. When Phoenix took the defense of Ellen Wyatt months later, Athena spent most of the case running away from Trucy. After Phoenix's victory in court against Edgeworth, she attended Wyatt's wedding to Sorin Sprocket, where she tried to catch the bridal bouquet, only for Larry Butz to be the recipient instead. This resulted in him being angrily chased by Athena, Maya and Skye.


Athena Cykes mugshot


Athena has strong emotions and a powerful drive to win, which can sometimes cause her to be reckless. Widget occasionally picks up on her emotions and blurts out what she's really thinking, much to her chagrin. She likes orange juice after a good workout and gratuitously peppers her speech with French, German, Spanish, and Italian, languages that she apparently picked up while studying in Europe. Athena also seems to have the habits of getting lost easily and falling asleep just about anywhere. In court, she uses Widget's holographic capabilities extensively; whereas her co-workers bring hard copies of notes and evidence to read and reference, Athena prefers to store and retrieve information digitally via Widget. Ironically, as a child, Athena was quiet and subdued, and had trouble grasping the difference between robots and humans due to her isolation. It was only after she grew up and was able to socialize more that she became the energetic presence that her colleagues and clients would come to know her for.

Beneath her external cheerfulness was a deep-seated childhood trauma that threatened to overpower her during two of her trials. Although she would sometimes put on a brave face, Widget's expression would give an insight into her true feelings. When she was extensively ignored in court, especially when the case was going very badly for her, Athena would be reminded of her mother's murder and being ignored during Simon Blackquill's trial, causing her to shut down. In this state, her eyes would become blank, while Widget would go black to mirror Athena's emotional state. After the retrial of UR-1, she began to move on from her past trauma, no longer shutting down completely when things began to go badly for her in court. However, her self-confidence can still be fragile, as shown by her doubting herself during Bucky Whet's trial, although a few guiding (though harsh) words from Simon Blackquill put her back on track again.

Athena cares greatly for Simon, with his unjust incarceration being her primary drive to become a defense attorney in the hopes of being able to free him. She cried in relief after his release, releasing years of bottled-up feelings. The feelings are mutual as Simon was more than willing to be executed for Athena's sake. Otherwise, the two frequently exchange snark, teasing and poking fun at each other both in private and in the courtroom where they are rivals. Although Athena is inexperienced, Simon doesn't hold back and prefers to let her work her way in as a form of tough love. However, he will step in to help her if he deems such intervention necessary, with his aid proving instrumental to give Athena the necessary push to solve her cases. Simon believes that Athena is full of weak points and needs to analyze herself objectively, something she begrudgingly agrees to. Nonetheless, she honestly tries her best to improve herself as a lawyer and build more confidence.

Because of her ability to read people's emotions, Athena has shown herself to be empathic of others. Whenever using her Mood Matrix and detecting overloaded emotions, Athena does her best to find the cause of distress, not just as a means to aid her case but also to help relieve her patients of their anxiety. For example, when treating Owen, she tried to navigate as carefully as possible as she was dealing with a frightened five-year-old boy alter. When treating Armie Buff, she gave her the necessary encouragement to overcome her traumas and come out of her self-imposed seclusion. She also asked Bucky to give a bowl of udon to Geiru on behalf of her master, as a means of passing down Teifu's message and give Geiru closure.


  • Japanese - Kokone Kizuki (希月 心音):
    • Her family name consists of kanji that can mean "rare/hope" (希) and "month/moon" (月). This can make the surname mean "rare moon", "rare month", "moon of hope", or "month of hope"; the names "rare moon" and "moon of hope" make sense with the events of Turnabout for Tomorrow, since Athena's moon rock earring was a key piece of evidence in convicting Metis's murderer. The family name is also phonetically equivalent to "kizuki" (気付き), which means "to notice", referring to Athena's ability to notice subtle emotions from people's voices.
    • Her given name originates from the phrase "kizuite kokone" meaning "See it? Oh, here!"[5] The kanji can mean "heart/soul/mind/emotion/sincerity/sympathy/answer [to a riddle]" (心) and "sound" (音). Combined, they mean "[the sound of one's] heartbeat".
    • Her full Japanese name could be read as "a heartbeat once in a blue moon". This may be a reference to the "heart scope" (ココロスコープ "kokoro sukōpu"), the Japanese name for the Mood Matrix. Alternatively, combining the "to notice" and "mind/heart" meanings of her surname could mean "read someone's heart/mind".
  • English - Athena Cykes:
    • Her given name comes from Athena, the goddess of (amongst other things) wisdom, courage, inspiration, law and justice, strategy, and skill in Greek mythology. This is likely meant to link her name with the given names of both Apollo Justice (named after the Greek god of the same name) and Phoenix Wright (whose first name originates from mythology).
    • Her family name may be a play on "psychology" or "psyched". The name is spelled with a "C" as opposed to the more common "Sykes", though it was misspelled that way twice in a "fact sheet" for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies ahead of E3 2013 and once in the "More Info" section of the game in the Nintendo eShop.[6] This was due to the "Sykes" spelling being too similar to Ema Skye's name, as well as the crescent shape of the "C" tying into her overall design.[7]


  • Brazilian Portuguese - Atena Cora: [8]
    • An adaptation of the western name.
    • "Atena" is the literal translation of Athena.
    • "Cora" is the root of several names and surnames originating from the Greek Koré, which means "girl" or "maiden".
      • "Cora-" is also the basis for the words "coração" (heart), "coragem" (courage) and the verb "corar" (to blush), both being directly linked to feelings and sentiments, which represents her analytical psychology.
  • French - Athéna Raizon


Japanese name

Kokone was the original working name, but Motohide Eshiro, the producer of Dual Destinies, rejected it at first. The development team came up with 201 other names and were about to settle on one before Eshiro told them that he had changed his mind. Some of these alternate names included:[9]

  • The surname Shindō (新藤), a pun on the word shindō (振動) meaning "vibration"
  • The given name Kanae (奏重), combining the verbs kasaneru (重ねる) meaning "to pile up / overlap", and kanaderu (奏でる) meaning "to play [an instrument]"
  • The full name Sōka Kiduki (希月爽香), a pun on the words sōka meaning "so that's it" and kiduku meaning "notice". The given name combines the words Sawayakana (爽やかな) meaning "fresh/refreshing/invigorating" and kaori (香り) meaning "scent".


  • As a young adult, she typically wears a yellow jacket that has a blue line on each cuff, a matching skirt, a white shirt, a blue tie, black tights, and white boots with a thick blue line around the top, a line in the middle and gray soles. On her right hand is a three-fingered black glove that wraps around her thumb, index, and middle fingers. The glove has pads on the fingertips that interface with the holograms projected from Widget, which is worn around her neck.
  • As a child, her hair is much shorter and tied up with a yellow hair ribbon. She has been shown wearing a yellow top with long red sleeves, a red skirt, black thigh-high stockings (shorter than in adulthood), and brown boots. She also has a bag around her shoulder that resembles a rabbit head.
  • The design of her bangs, particularly the sheen in this part of her hair, resembles a heartbeat reading in electrocardiography. Her hair color is darker in Spirit of Justice than in Dual Destinies.
  • During the wedding ceremony in Turnabout Time Traveler, her ponytail is curled, and her outfit consists of a yellow strapless dress with a blue ribbon tied around the waist, white high heels, a white headband with a bow on it, and white gloves that go to her wrists.
  • While imagining she was a sailor in Turnabout Reclaimed, she was wearing a sleeveless white top with blue stripes that reveals her midriff and partially shows her breasts, a pair of yellow shorts with a blue scarf tied around the hips and brown pirate boots.
    • She also appeared as a ship captain (while imagining) in the same episode, she was wearing a yellow jacket similar to her usual one, but it's in a bigger size and two large white buttons on the left side. She wore a corset with a blue stripe on the bottom and a pirate captain hat that has the Mood Matrix logo on it. The scarf is worn the same way and wears the boots as well. Plus, her hair is down and it goes past her hips.
  • Athena initially caused problems for the character designers, as they were essentially restricted to making a lawyer wear a suit. They felt that this would have made for an unexciting "heroine" look. After experimentation, they decided upon giving Athena a less "normal" suit, while still keeping her attire noticeably akin to one. They shaped her design so that her silhouette would suit a female manga protagonist. To this end, her having a large, distinctive ponytail which would stand out in a silhouette was decided upon right at the beginning of her development and made it into her final design.[10]
  • Athena's character concept and design went through several drastic changes throughout development:
    • Athena's design was originally conceived as "60s - 70s retro-futuristic". Instead of Widget, most of her early designs depict her using a large, bulky PDA style pad. Her design developed into more of a conventional futuristic one over time, particularly out of a need to tie her character design into her childhood.[10]
    • The team developing motion animations enjoyed making Athena "fall to pieces" in her animations, prompting Takeshi Yamazaki to insist that they try and make her seem cuter. However, Athena's noticeably 'extreme' damage expression, which is intended to induce pity for Athena from the player, remained from this point in her development.[10]
    • Early concept designs are little ambiguous on how Athena actually uses her power; many early designs seem to depict her reading people's feelings in various ways, such as channelling "energy" and "signals" through "antenna" attached to a device on her head. As the antennae are the same color as her hair, it isn't clear if she is actually using her hair through paranormal methods, or if it is simply a design choice and she is actually using a device attached around her hair to channel people's "signals". Either way, these designs seems to indicate that her "power" (i.e., her ability to "read" people's emotions) was originally intended to be something either overtly paranormal or purely technology-based (whereas in the final game its origins and exact nature are left unexplained). The former especially is supported by one of the images from the "Development Team Site", which depicts one of Athena's concept designs. The image is named, "Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies Vol. 1: I'm a Psychic!". Interestingly, several early designs also depict Athena wielding a gun; the gun is labelled "plantery blaster" in the design notes.[10]
      • Takuro Fuse has referred to this "serious contender" of a design as "messed up".[11]
  • The way that Athena's hand and index finger seemingly work in Athena's pointing animation is anatomically impossible. Specifically, it is broken to make her point completely level, by bending Athena's index finger in an unnatural way. This is notable, as all three of the defense attorneys all have differing angles at which they point: Phoenix Wright's finger is pointed downwards, Apollo Justice's is pointed upwards, and Athena's finger, as stated, is in the middle.
  • Athena Cykes and Simon Blackquill are the only characters in the series to date to have two desk slam variants.


  • The developers played with the idea of making Athena a "cool-headed, beautiful woman", but this was ultimately rejected in favor of someone who could act as the "boke" in the manzai-like banter between her and her co-workers.[12]
  • Athena's usage of the -san honorific in the Japanese version uses katakana as part of her portrayal as an energetic person.[12]


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