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Zinc Lablanc.png This page concerns a music track from an Ace Attorney game that does not yet have an official English title. The title used is unofficially localized, but follows naming conventions used in official title track names.

"Athena Cykes - Courtroom Révolutionnaire" is a music track in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies. A remix of "Athena Cykes - Let's Do This!", it is typically used when pointing out contradictions as Athena Cykes in initial sections of trial chapters, with "Pursuit - Completely Corner the Culprit" being used later on. It is part of the recurring "Objection!" tracks used throughout the Ace Attorney series, and can be considered one of Athena Cykes's character themes.

Phoenix Wright and Apollo Justice have their own unique "Objection!" tracks in Dual Destinies: "Phoenix Wright - Objection! 2013" and "Apollo Justice - A New Era Begins! 2013", respectively. A new version of Cykes's track titled "Athena Cykes - Courtroom Révolutionnaire 2016" is used instead in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice.