Atmey Detective Agency
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Atmey Detective Agency
Organization info
Organization type Agency
Leader Luke Atmey
Status Probably dissolved after arrest of Luke Atmey
Location info
Available evidence Sacred Urn
Linked locations Wright Anything Agency

The Atmey Detective Agency is Luke Atmey's "secret hide-out," also referred to by Atmey as the "Office of Earthly Delights". The wall and shelf décor are a testament to Atmey's ego. This includes:

  • A massive self-portrait
  • A copy of his autobiography "My Life as an Ace Detective"
  • A model ship in a bottle that has a small Atmey doll at the helm
  • A glass microscope slide with a sample titled "Atmey Virus"

Atmey's Detective Agency also includes some other interesting décor, which are lots of chemistry equipment, a gramophone, and a fireplace that conceals an air conditioner.

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