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The Autumn Palace is one of four rooms in Jeffrey Master's mansion connected to the fountain patio. From the entrance to the patio, it is the rightmost room. All four rooms contain a stream of water that leads to the fountain in the patio. In 2000, during Master's confectionery design competition, it was assigned to an individual named Isaac Dover, who was actually not a chef but renowned French sculptor Pierre Hoquet. The contestant was murdered during the contest, and 18 years later, the Autumn Palace was where Dane Gustavia was poisoned.

Hoquet's murderEdit

Main article: The Inherited Turnabout

Hoquet's entry for the contest finals consisted of sculptures of zodiac signs made of frozen sherbet. As was his habit, he used a signet crest to brand the sculptures with his initials, so that fans of his would recognize his handiwork. However, he was killed in an altercation with fellow competitor Gustavia in Master's room. The fight started when Hoquet struck Gustavia with one of the two rock salt lamps in the room, which the latter returned with a fatal blow with the other lamp.

Gustavia hid the body within Master's own finals entry before returning to Hoquet's room. To erase his involvement in the incident, he took the lamp that had struck him and rubbed it on a lyre on Hoquet's sculpture representing Gemini to remove his bloodstains. He then took the lamps to the room of the other finalist, Delicia Scones, to hide them inside her contest entry in an attempt to frame her for the murder. He planned to plant the body inside one of Hoquet's sculptures to throw off the determination of the time of death by forensics.

While he was planting the lamps, Scones sneaked into each of her competitors' rooms and took a bite out of each entry. In Hoquet's room, she tasted the lyre strings and was surprised at their salty taste. Later, during the judging, Master also tasted the lyre strings, but did not detect the salt due to having the taste disorder hypogeusia. Meanwhile, Katherine Hall discovered the body in Master's room, triggering a police investigation. Master was arrested for the murder, while Gustavia went through with the rest of his plan and moved the body to freeze it inside the Gemini sculpture.

During the investigation, Hall, a fan of Hoquet's, spotted the sculptor's brand on his sherbet sculptures. Fearing that something would happen to them during the investigation, she covertly moved them into a walk-in freezer elsewhere in the mansion, not knowing that the body was inside one of them. She melted the unfinished sculptures by unplugging the power cords maintaining their temperature.

Prosecutor Manfred von Karma later had an argument with Master's lawyer, Gregory Edgeworth, at the fountain patio. When Edgeworth exposed Scone's actions, von Karma decided to investigate Hoquet's room himself, begrudgingly allowing Edgeworth to join him, only to find that the sculptures had all disappeared. He immediately kicked Edgeworth out and questioned Scones and Gustavia. Afterward, von Karma took everyone except the attorneys with him to the police, claiming to want to question them further. The trial eventually ended with Master being found guilty of being an accomplice to the crime.

Poisoning of Dane GustaviaEdit

Main article: The Inherited Turnabout

In 2019, Katherine Hall bought Master's mansion from his relatives. Upon checking up on the sherbet sculptures that she had hidden in the cellar, she discovered Hoquet's body hidden inside one of them, depicting Gemini. She decided to seize this opportunity to take revenge on Hoquet's killer. She converted the mansion into an art gallery dedicated to the work of Pierre Hoquet, making additional sculptures to complete the zodiac concept. Inferring that the killer had hidden the body, and counting on the fact that the killer would at least try to examine the Gemini sculpture, she intended to use a fake Gemini sculpture as bait. During a visit by Scones, Hall stole a bottle of Megatoxin X from her.

The sculptures were placed in the four rooms connected to the fountain patio, with each room representing a season. Though it would seem at first glance that the rooms would be arranged in chronological order starting with the Spring Palace at the left, in fact the Autumn Palace was at the rightmost room, with the Winter Palace in the room to its left. In addition to this misleading arrangement, Hall used Scones' fluorescent cloths to disguise the Autumn Palace as the Winter Palace, with the Pisces sculpture in particular being disguised as the Gemini sculpture. Hall planted a sample of Megatoxin X inside the sculpture's glass casing, and lined the top of the casing with normallium, so that the lid would be glued shut when the normallium froze. The killer would have to use a nearby gas burner to open the casing, causing the normallium to drip to the bottom, mix with the fatallium in the Megatoxin X, and form a poisonous gas.

On the day of the opening, Gustavia entered the Autumn Palace, locking it from the inside to examine the Gemini sculpture. While he was doing so, Larry Butz, also mistaking the room for the Winter Palace, attempted to enter it, only to find it locked. It was not long before Gustavia reopened the door, trying to escape the poison gas. In the ensuing chaos, Hall managed to plant the bottle of Megatoxin X in Gustavia's pocket, making the incident look like a suicide.

Though Gustavia survived, the poisoning attracted the attention of Miles Edgeworth, Raymond Shields, Justine Courtney and Sebastian Debeste. After a preliminary investigation, Courtney concluded that Scones was the culprit, seeing as how her fingerprints were on the bottle of Megatoxin X and she had access to the Autumn Palace. Shields found this too convenient, and suspected Hall, who was moving the real Winter Palace sculptures to the Summer Palace to dump them into the fountain network. Edgeworth was eventually able to prove Shields' suspicions correct, in turn getting Gustavia arrested for the Hoquet's murder after traces of his blood were detected in the liquid left over from the Gemini sculpture, the same blood that he had rubbed off the rock salt lamp.

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