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Avery Richman is a multimillionaire from the Goldstruck Republic who was convicted of murder of Benjamin Cashanova in the United States. After fleeing the police as a fugitive, he and his associates arranged a retrial aboard his self-funded luxury express train, the Silver Star, coercing Phoenix Wright into defending him.

Clearing his Name Edit

Determined to clear his name, Richman and his associates take over the Silver Star and force a retrial to prove his innocence.


  • His Japanese given name is a corruption of haburi (羽振り), meaning "influence" or "power". Taken with his surname, which consists of the words "rich" and "nande" (なんで), the latter meaning "why" or "how", his full name can be loosely translated as "How are you so rich and powerful?", referencing his immense fame and wealth.
  • His full English name is a play on "a very rich man", also referencing his wealth.
  • His German surname is derived from his Japanese surname, interpreting nande as the Hispanic name root "-nandez".
  • His Spanish surname is a play on "I'm rich".

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