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Awkward Moments

Hershel Layton
Miss Eve, your birthday... reminds me of a puzzle!

"Episode 6: Awkward Moments" is the sixth special episode for Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. The main characters continue their return tour of Labyrinthia with a visit to the Witches' Court to wish Darklaw a happy birthday.

Birthday presents[]

Phoenix Wright, Maya Fey, Espella Cantabella, Hershel Layton and Luke Triton visited the Witches' Court to give Eve Belduke presents for her birthday. The Witches' Court had been converted into a theater, and the Inquisitors' Hall had been converted into the main headquarters for Labyrinthia's reconstruction effort. At the Inquisitor's Hall, they found Belduke asking Zacharias Barnham what he wanted to talk about, pointing out that he had been standing there with his eyes closed for over an hour. Belduke then noticed the visitors, who reminded her that it was her birthday.

Cantabella gave Belduke their childhood photo with a message from her and Arthur on the back. Fey's present was a Mega Burger meal deal, while Wright gave Belduke banana bread. Triton had picked flowers from Red Flower Lake to make a necklace. Barnham explained that he could not bring himself to give his present because of Primstone's negative opinion of presents. After being encouraged to set that aside, he gave Belduke an éclair that he had picked out from the previous day's bakery sale, having insufficient skill to make one of his own. Belduke thanked him for putting his best effort into it.

Wright recalled that Constantine had given an éclair as a present to Eve the cat. While the subject was brought up, Belduke said that she was surprised that Barnham owned a dog after the incident known as "Barnham's Wild Ride". She explained that a large dog had suddenly appeared in front of Barnham during one of the Storyteller's parades, throwing his horse into a frenzy. Barnham had been thrown off, but his ankle had caught on the reins, forcing him to be dragged along with the terrified horse for hours.

Layton then gave Belduke his present: naturally, a puzzle. He solved the puzzle before giving it to her, but it turned out that she had solved the puzzle as well. Fey, Wright, Barnham and Layton encouraged Belduke to do a victory pose. Her flashy victory pose astonished all who saw it.

Special gallery quotes[]


"We made many drafts of the Storyteller before deciding on this one. His design was inspired by the owl, which symbolises wisdom, plus the distinct Labyrinthian flavour."

Storyteller's Expressions (2012-02-24)[]

"His facial expressions have the air of a neurotic genius. The mask covers burns from the fire. The brooch design hints at his double life."

Owl and Accessories[]

"We looked up what each gemstone symbolises before putting them in game. The one on the Storyteller's mask is a peridot, which stands for wisdom."

Storyteller's Book (2012-05-26)[]

"The original copy of Historia Labyrinthia and the basis for the story, it called for a regal, elaborate design. The quill also serves as the key to the lock."

Storyteller's Parade[]

"This is a very important scene, so we put a lot of work into the details, drawing it from different angles. You can't see it in the cutscene, but the parade is followed by an orchestra."

Storyteller's Carriage[]

"We wanted to present the Storyteller as a ruler, the king of Labyrinthia. The chariot design is inspired by Viking boats, owls and the Shades (symbolised by hidden eyes)."

Storyteller's Horses[]

"The armour-clad horses stand out in the parade, so we made their designs very detailed, too. Barnham has an elite white warhorse. The chariot-pulling ones are the biggest."

Storyteller's Flags[]

"The flags used for the parade are based on medieval coats of arms but with modern military colours. Symbolic quills and swords feature on the flags."