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Ayame Mikotoba was Yujin Mikotoba's wife and Susato Mikotoba's mother.

Death and aftermath[]

Ayame died during childbirth. Shortly after her death, Yujin went to London to study abroad with Genshin Asogi and Seishiro Jigoku, leaving his newborn daughter Susato with her grandmother.

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While in London, he eventually met and became the investigative partner of a detective named Herlock Sholmes. Later on, a series of murders known as the Professor Killings happened. After an autopsy for the final victim, Klint van Zieks led to the discovery of Genshin Asogi's ring in the victim's stomach, Genshin was convicted of being the Professor. Genshin asked Yujin to visit an address as a final favor to him. When Yujin arrived, he found a woman about to give birth. Yujin helped deliver a baby girl, but her mother couldn't be saved.

Yujin named the baby girl after his wife, Ayame, and left her in the care of Herlock Sholmes.

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