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Azura Summers was an animal trainer working with the orca "Ora Shipley" at Shipshape Aquarium until her death during a "Swashbuckler Spectacular" show performance. Due to the circumstances of her death, the orca was accused of killing her, and was seemingly put down.

Life at the aquarium[]

Rimes and Summers

With Marlon Rimes and Ora Shipley.

Despite having a heart condition, Summers chose to become an orca trainer at Shipshape Aquarium, and soon became very close with Ora Shipley the orca. Summers began to apprentice Sasha Buckler, who was only a year younger than herself and soon became a close friend. The two shared many interests and a talent with animal training. Unbeknownst to either woman, they even shared the same heart condition. Another close friend at the aquarium was Dr. Herman Crab, the on-site veterinarian responsible for Ora's health. Throughout their time in the aquarium, they became close co-workers and Crab greatly valued her friendship.

At some point prior to 2026, Summers met Marlon Rimes outside of the aquarium, and the two began to date, with Rimes showing an interest in Summers' chosen career. To satisfy his curiosity, Summers would happily send Rimes video messages of herself training the orca, and Rimes eventually decided to attend one of her shows to see her in action.


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Dead Summers

A page from Norma DePlume's book, The Killer Killer Whale, about Summers' death.

Summers' heart condition would choose the very show that Rimes attended to catch up with her. During a performance, she suddenly suffered heart failure and died, slipping into the water in the process. Her orca partner Ora had been trained to rescue people in her mouth, but doing so made it seem like she had killed her. The aquarium owner, Jack Shipley, knew that Ora wasn't to blame, so he conspired with Dr. Crab to make it seem like she had been put down, but actually transferred her secretly to another aquarium.

Rimes would blame Ora for Summers' death, as she had not told him about her condition, and thus held a deep grudge towards the animal. A year after Summers' death, Rimes joined the aquarium to attempt his revenge. However, one of his attempts resulted in the accidental death of Shipley. Rimes tried to pass the blame onto the orca, but the recently reinstated veteran defense attorney Phoenix Wright proved in court that Summers' death was no-one's fault, and that the orca that Rimes had been attempting to kill was actually the sister of the one he thought had killed Summers. Rimes underwent rehabilitation for his actions, but after a couple of months returned to the aquarium as an employee, with his grudge towards orcas now completely gone.




Summers seemed to have been in great standing with her fellow employees at the Shipshape Aquarium, and greatly influenced those connected with her or Ora.


  • Japanese - Suzumi Natsukaze (夏風 涼海):
    • "Natsukaze" (夏風邪) means "summer cold (illness)". Due to the kanji "邪" not being pronounced, it may be intended to hint at her hidden heart condition.
    • "Suzumi" (涼海) comes from "suzumu" (涼む), which means "to cool off". The word contains "suzu", which means "refreshing". Her name also contains the kanji for "ocean" (海).
    • Her full Japanese name could therefore roughly mean "to cool off a summer cold".
  • English - Azura Summers:
    • Her English surname, "Summers", mirrors her Japanese counterpart's, while "azure" is a shade of blue that could be compared to a clear sky on a summer's day. Though, given her name, hair color, and her relationship with Marlon Rimes (along with her death's impact on Rimes), it's also possible that her name may be "Summertime Blues", making the couple's name pun being "Rhythm and Blues" (or R&B).
  • French - Marine Désiles:
    • "Marine" is a common first name meaning "from the sea".
    • Her surname "Désiles" is a play on "des îles", meaning "of islands".


  • Azura is one of two characters to be confirmed to have died of a medical condition with the other being Geiru Toneido's father.


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