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Babahl, officially the Republic of Babahl, was a European country that existed in the 2010s. It was one of two states formed from the dissolution of Cohdopia, and it existed until Cohdopia's reunification in 2019.



The Cohdopian flag.

Originally, Babahl was a part of Cohdopia, but the country split into Babahl and Allebahst after a period of civil unrest in the 2010s. After the split, Babahl inherited the fake one of the two Primidux Statues. The two countries each took a part of the Cohdopian emblem for their own, Allebahst taking the flower as its symbol and Babahl using the butterfly. Under the treaties that formed the countries, Babahl obtained the mines of whitcrystal oil, which was used to make a special ink that came to be known as Babahlese Ink, as well as almost half of Cohdopia's embassy in the United States. The ink became Babahl's most notable export.

On March 14, 2019, Allebahst and Babahl held "The Kingdom of Allebahst versus The Republic of Babahl Goodwill Jubilee" in their shared embassy building that would lead to the reunification of Cohdopia. The two-day event ran into major problems when the Yatagarasu was sighted and two people were killed, but the perpetrators were caught and Cohdopia was reunited some time later.

Babahlese ink & the smuggling ring[]

An international smuggling ring used Babahlese ink to make nearly undetectable counterfeit currency in several other countries, which in particular ruined the economy of Zheng Fa. Because of this, Interpol put severe limits on the export of the ink. Manny Coachen, the secretariat of the Babahlese Embassy in the United States, was a high-ranking member of the smuggling ring, and he oversaw the illegal export of Babahlese ink for counterfeiting purposes.


Babahl was known for having a very laissez-faire immigration policy in which only a strict security check stood in the way of any would-be visitors - contrasting strongly with Allebahst's strict immigration policy. Babahl also was known for its aggressive tourism campaign, which involved giving out discount coupons to all visitors to the embassy in the United States.


  • The Japanese and English names for the country, "Babaru" and "Babahl", respectively, may come from the biblical Tower of Babel.