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Babahlese ink was a piece of evidence in Miles Edgeworth's investigation into the murders of Manny Coachen and Ka-Shi Nou.

Use in counterfeiting[]

Babahlese ink is created from whitcrystal oil, a rare substance found only in certain parts of Cohdopia. When Cohdopia was torn apart by civil war into two countries, only Babahl retained access to the whitcrystal mines, leaving Allebahst with no such boon.

Unfortunately, Babahlese ink can be used to create forged paper money that is almost indistinguishable from the real thing. In fact, the only way to tell such a fake from the genuine article is by setting them alight, as whitcrystal burns with a green flame. Due to the potential criminal application of Babahlese ink, Babahl can only export whitcrystal oil in limited quantities.

Coachen and Nou's deaths[]

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Edgeworth received a jar of the ink from Babahl's ambassador, Colias Palaeno. He later found an unburnt one on Coachen's desk, allowing him to deduce that it had been counterfeit bills used to make the green fire. He later suggested that Shih-na's coat was stained with Babahlese ink, which they proved easily by burning a section of the coat. He later removed it from his organizer.

Black market auctions[]

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The ink later appeared during the investigation into Jill Crane's murder as a piece of evidence being sold.