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The Bad Badger is the antagonist of the Blue Badger. He appears to look exactly the same as the Blue Badger, except that he has a goatee, wears sunglasses and a Japanese belly warmer, and has a model gun (capable of firing blanks for show purposes) attached to his right hand.

Gatewater Land[]

In Gatewater Land, there is a contest challenging visitors to get pictures of the Blue Badger, the Pink Badger, the Proto Badger and the Bad Badger. The real challenge of the contest, however, is that while the other three Badgers simply wander aimlessly around the park, the Bad Badger only appears once every day in a stage show where he "wreaks havoc" around the park and the other Badgers try to apprehend him.

During the "kidnapping" of Lance Amano, Colin Devorae was dressed as the Bad Badger. As he was killed in his costume, it absorbed most of the blood, thus making identification of the crime scene quite difficult.


The Bad Badger's likeness has appeared on shirts, such as one worn by Wocky Kitaki. A similar-looking design could also be seen on a guitar belonging to the Gavinners, called the Red Badger, though this particular Badger had no goatee.