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This article is about the character from The Great Ace Attorney 2: Resolve. You may be looking for Balmung, a character from Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

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Balmung was a large black hunting dog owned by Klint van Zieks.

Pet turned to Weapon[]

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Depicted in The Adventures of Herlock Sholmes

Balmung was owned by Klint van Zieks of the van Zieks family. He used to take his dog out hunting in the woods behind his manor. Upon his owner's marriage to a woman of the Baskerville family, he received a jewel studded collar. When prosecutor van Zieks heard that a fellow noble was victimizing the rest of England to make himself more well off, he felt a deep sense of regret and frustration at being unable to do anything about it exactly because the perpetrator was a noble. That was why van Zieks decided to go on a hunt with Balmung and became known as the Professor.

Soon after Balmung had torn the throat of that noble apart, another prosecutor named Mael Stronghart found out about his owner. He decided to use the Professor to create a perfect society in England by threatening to tell Klint's secret to his wife and younger brother, Barok van Zieks. Stronghart made Klint kill three more nobles, the third victim being the then-current Chief Justice, who was also Klint's own mentor and benefactor, so Stronghart could take his place. Yujin Mikotoba found elderly Balmung in the garden of a mansion in Dartmoor where he helped Klint's wife give birth to Iris Wilson. Some time afterwards, Balmung had died. Several years later, a cat burglar named Selden snuck into Klint's manor, stole Balmung's collar, and hid it in his secret hideout.

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  • According to Norse mythology, "Balmung" was a legendary sword owned by the hero Sigurd.