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Balthazar Lune
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Balthazar Lune was a man who owned the hot air balloons used during the Great Exhibition. He was a witness in Odie Asman's murder trial.


Lune was a man who operated hot air balloons at the Great Exhibition in London during the events of The Return of the Great Departed Soul.

One of the passengers of his hot air balloon was the Bohemian youth, Gotts. During this hot air balloon ride, he watched Albert Harebrayne's demonstration of his new invention on his volunteer, and the resulting explosion.

Later, he and Gotts are summoned as witnesses to Harebrayne's trial. While there, he is in charge of the balloons which he gives to Gotts in exchange for money throughout the trial. During his time on the witness stand, Lune testifies to what he had seen from his high vantage point, and his testimony helps to reveal the truth about the mystery of the green balloon which Gotts had seen.


Lune initially gives off a very calm but proud demeanor. He speaks very highly of his balloon service and claims that his balloons cannot explode, no matter what. He also initially treats his fellow witness, Gotts, very well, as he is his customer, frequently buying his balloons throughout the trial.

Lune's personality quickly becomes more hostile and defensive however, as Naruhodo brings up the possibility of one of his hot air balloons popping, tying back to his prideful demeanor. Once this happens, he becomes more hostile to Gotts (and the country of Bohemia by association) for trying to say his balloons are shoddy. Humorously however, Lune goes back to selling balloons to Gotts almost immediately. The discourse between the two characters occurs throughout their time on the stand.

In the English version of the game, Lune speaks in very slightly broken English with Italian words mixed in with his dialogue, suggesting he may be from Italy.


  • Rumba (ルンバ)is an rearranged barūn (バルーン), or "balloon".
  • Maru in Marumacchi might come from maru (丸), "round".
  • The first part of his English name, combined with his surname (Bal Lune), is a play on the word "balloon".

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