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Bardly was a minstrel living in Labyrinthia who was beginning to face competition from a rival bard called Birdly.


Nothing is known about Bardly’s background, other than the fact that he signed the contract with Labrelum Inc. and became a minstrel of Labyrinthia.

First Encounter

Main article: Mysterious Labyrinthia

Bardly is one of the first individuals met by Hershel Layton and Luke Triton when they arrived at Labyrinthia. Upon meeting them, he sung about them being lost sheep and gave them a map of the town. But the map was in pieces, prompting Layton to solve the puzzle and put the map back in order. Overjoyed with the map’s restoration, Bardly told the pair about the town and gave a hint about the Storyteller’s parade that was about to happen. He then hurried off to the northern part of town for the new story.

Rivalry and Search for Inspiration

Main article: The Great Witch

When Birdly made his debut as a minstrel, Bardly considered him a strong rival that could not be beaten and fell into despair. After Espella Cantabella’s first witch trial, he is found by Triton and Maya Fey, who were searching for Cantabella’s pet cat, Eve. He poured out his grief to them about Birdly and told them that he needed some colorful inspiration. After solving the stained glass puzzle, Triton and Fey cheered Birdly right up, saying that they would love to hear his music. In return, the minstrel sang that he saw Eve running towards the main street.

Looking for a Parrot

Main article: A Taste of Despair

After Fey’s witch trial, however, Birdly’s popularity grew, which brought Bardly great despair. He is then found at Rouge’s tavern by Triton and Phoenix Wright, and poured out his grief once again. Bardly concluded that if he could get two parrots, then people would listen to his songs again. After solving the parrot pair puzzle, Triton and Wright showed many parrots to Bardly so that he could have some choices. But the minstrel could not make his pick because he wanted all of the parrots to sing with him.


  • "Bardly" is an obvious play on "bard".
  • His French name "Alexandrin" comes from "alexandrine", a line of poetic meter (the basic rhythmic structure of a verse) comprising 12 syllables.

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