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Barry Caidin
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Barry Caidin is the governor of Barclay Prison.

The Professor[]

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Barry Caidin's job at Barclay Prison was mainly to overlook the operations of the prisoners in the watchtower. One day, he received a letter from the Prosecutor's office telling him to aid in the escape of Genshin Asogi, a serial killer. He did so by keeping the chief warder, Daley Vigil, busy while coroner Courtney Stevens "confirmed" the execution. Afterward, two detectives enter the prison. Caidin informed Vigil that he was being fired. This caused the chief warden to jump out the watchtower window.

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  • His name likely comes from "barricade," in reference to his job as Prison Governor.
  • His surname, Caidin, is a Celtic name derived from the name Caden, which means son of Cadán, which in turn means little battle. This could be related to his involvement with the notorious Professor case, which was surrounded by a small number of significant murders and a final duel, as well as how he was involved in a legal battle between Ryunosuke and Mael, within the relatively small confines of a courtroom. This Celtic aspect of his name, a culture based around Scotland and Northern Island, is reflected by his text having Scottish slang and accenting.