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A basketball hoop was a piece of evidence in Miles Edgeworth's investigation into the murder of Buddy Faith.

Detective Faith's murder[]

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The hoop was a fixture of the front of Room 1203, the office of Jacques Portsman. He used it to play basketball along with Faith, although Faith was only allowed to pass to his superior and Portsman was the only one who made shots.

On March 14, Portsman tried to gain access to the neighboring Room 1202 to steal some evidence. He placed the hoop in front of Room 1202 and switched the number plates with his own office. He then asked Maggey Byrde to unlock his office using the Master Key, tricking her into opening Room 1202 instead. He then moved the hoop to its original position after Byrde left. While Portsman was inside Room 1202, however, Faith arrived and left a note under the door of the locked Room 1203. He heard noises coming from Room 1202 and found Portsman searching the office. He confronted Portsman, who shot and killed him.

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